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Prestige offers both print and online advertising opportunities, with an estimated 96 000 readers.

Through its luxury print, fine look and feel, captivating editorial and innovative distribution, Prestige has firmly established itself as Southern Africa’s premier luxury lifestyle magazine for billionaires and millionaires and those aspiring to this lifestyle.


Prestige has a researched targeted distribution of 15 000 copies reaching High Net Worth Individuals and Motivated Aspirational individuals.

13 500 copies are distributed to executive Airport Lounges throughout Africa and complementary drops to 200 Top 200 JSE listed CEO and CFO’s.

Prestige appeals to:

Both genders, its luxury mix incorporating the best of rarity, craftsmanship and tradition, wit, intelligence and thought leadership.

Primary Reach

LSM: 10 (We prefer to call it LSM 100 meaning the top echelon of African society)
Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female
Age: 35 Upwards
Ethnicity: All
Both men and women of all ethnic groups between the ages of 35 and 49 who are financially established, (R50 000+) living within gated estates or luxury locations. They have had a formal education, are industry leaders holding high profile positions, and are sophisticated in nature with an emphasis on quality and image. Most will have travelled internationally within the last 12 months either for business or leisure.

Secondary Reach

LSM: 7–9
Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female
Age: 25 Upwards
Ethnicity: All
Both men and women of all ethnic groups between the ages of 25 and 34 who are aspirational, ambitious and driven. Image, trends and fashion are very important and the majority of consumable income will be spent on the above. They have tertiary educations, have travelled internationally.

To advertise with Prestige please contact:

Advertising and Sales

Henry Wright  |  Email:  |   Cell: 072 058 9512


Rate Card

At Prestige we adopt a policy of personalizing and designing a tailor-made package based on client needs.

Heidi Dyer | Email:  |   Tel: (011) 484 2833 | Cell: 082 5501500




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