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AnastasiA – Vodka Royalty


Ms. Mamontova is a co-founder of AnestasiA Vodka. Born in Ukraine to a Russian father
and Ukrainian mother, Yuliya Mamontova recalls helping her paternal grandparents
making vodka on the family’s country estate at the age of five. The scents of fermenting
yeast, sugar and water, are those of her childhood.

As her family continued to brew vodka using a secret recipe that Yuliya’s Ukrainian
grandmother invented, they built their own apparatus to increase the speed of development.
Ms. Mamontova learned the complexities of vodka brewing as they constructed a machine
for fermenting, heating, evaporating, cooling, and collecting. Yuliya named her product in
honor of her grandmother – Anestasia. Today, her Ukrainian aunt still makes her vodka at
home. Over the years Yuliya has processed and tasted vodka from ingredients as simple as
yeast, sugar and water, to potatoes, grains, and grapes. The experiments in making and
distributing vodka are her family legacy.

As the famous Coco Channel said “luxury is not the opposite of poverty, yet that of vulgarity”, AnastasiA Vodka is not the most expensive in its class, however it certainly is the most beautiful. The bottle design is as unique as the brand itself, angular and feminine as the company.

“We are a woman-owned company seeking 

to carve the untapped potential in

the market for an affordable

ultra-premium luxury vodka.“

Yuliya Mamontova



This premium luxury vodka, is an exception to the norm with aromas of grainy bread and  spicy nuts. Its a silky dry medium bodied spirit with a definite but gentle crème Brule finish. This is why the vodka holds the following awards:

WSWA -GOLD, 2017 Worlds best Tasting Vodka NY

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