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All electric Jaguar I-pace

Welcome to the Future

Jaguar has stolen a march on its rivals in the quest to release the first mainstream all-electric luxury car with the extraordinary I-Pace SUV. At nearly half the price of the Tesla P100D it’s a clear sign that the big boys are about to get tough with Tesla.

Strangely enough for such a clean car, I felt a bit dirty punting the electric Jaguar I-Pace along the rough Portuguese back roads.

Jaguar I-PACE Global Drive, Portugal, 2018

The car was doing everything perfectly well, which annoyed me as I felt like I was enjoying the forbidden fruit of a new automotive world against my will.

Wanting to throw it into corners later and push it harder to upset its virtually zero body roll, I had to come to the reluctant conclusion that as a bona fide member of the petrol heads club, I liked this electric car.


“Mum, Dad, I have something to tell you…” That’s how I felt.

This was a sea change and I had to accept that ultimately after two days of driving the I-Pace on a mix of public roads, race track, 4WD trails and even though a river, without so much as altering its tyre pressures, it had me. The I-Pace won me as an electric car I could live with every day. There, I said it.



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