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Wellness Safaris At Thornybush

Wellness Safaris at Thornybush

Wellness safaris to help you unwind in the wilderness. Thornybush Game Lodge is delighted to announce the launch of its newest addition, the Thornybush Africology Spa & Wellness Centre.

Exceptional wildlife encounters alongside top-notch wellness amenities

This expansion introduces Wellness Safari experiences into the offering. “With the global focus on conscious and healthy living, Thornybush can now provide guests with exceptional wildlife encounters coupled with top-notch wellness amenities, ensuring a truly unforgettable retreat into nature” says JB Burger, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Designed by Artichoke, the team behind the refurbishment of Thornybush Game Lodge and the recently launched safari-villa Kamara House, the Spa & Wellness Centre harmonises with the four elements of nature: earth, water, air, and fire. The thoughtful incorporation of each element creates a serene and grounding atmosphere, providing guests with a natural sense of wellness.

The serene atmosphere captivates guests from the moment they arrive. Firstly, a magnificent stone-clad wall symbolising the earth element greets guests – an embodiment of strength and stability. Secondly, the focal point of the wellness facility comes into view – the wellness swimming pool. It seamlessly blends with the organic shape of the nearby riverbed, invoking a profound connection with the water element.

Open spaces

Emphasising the air element, the building’s design features open spaces that seamlessly merge with nature, allowing the flow of fresh air throughout the spaces. Likewise, this encourages a feeling of rejuvenation and a deeper connection with the surrounding bush and riverbed.

Similarly, the fire element is beautifully represented through a colour palette inspired by warm autumn hues. Appropriately, the colour burnt orange dominates.

“The overall colour scheme draws from the natural tones found in the earth, riverbed, rocks, and grasses, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere that enhances the overall wellness experience”

said Caline Williams-Wyn, Artichoke.

Incorporating the four elements of nature

Inside the facility, organic and earthy textures abound. Handcrafted feature doors, tile applications, and bespoke furniture detailing add a touch of natural elegance to the timeless design.

“By incorporating the four elements of nature and utilising organic textures and colours, the reimagined wellness experience provides a peaceful experience, allowing guests to connect with nature and find a sense of balance and tranquillity”

added Williams-Wyn.

The Thornybush Africology Spa is a collaboration between Thornybush Game Lodges and Hoedspruit Africology owner, Kelly Sage.

“Here at the Thornybush Africology Spa, we are passionate about natural, holistic healing and wellness. Our products use only natural and organic ingredients celebrating the rich botanical heritage and indigenous plants of South Africa such as Rooibos, Aloe, and African Potato Bush.”

explains Kelly Sage


The Wellness Centre offers an array of facilities, including three treatment rooms, an infrared sauna, gym, yoga deck, and pool. The wellness juice bar offers healthy and delicious cold-pressed juices and shots. The double treatment rooms are situated on the river edge with adjoining decks. This offers tranquil views of the bush, providing the perfect setting for various healing body treatments. These include massages, body wraps, scrubs, facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing services. The infrared sauna features the latest technology for detoxification. This feature allows guests to both relax and rehabilitate their muscles after a workout, spa treatment, or yoga session.

“Our Wellness centre is a sanctuary of peace, rejuvenation, and relaxation—an idyllic hideaway for guests seeking respite from the fast-paced world and a deeper connection with nature,”

added Sage.

The gymnasium boasts state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, allowing guests to track and record their workouts by connecting their phones or wearable devices to the machines. The gym also provides weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, and more for a comprehensive workout experience. Guests can indulge in daily yoga and holistic wellness sessions on the yoga deck, led by an experienced instructor tailoring classes to all experience levels.

Additional offerings include breathwork, meditation, and sound healing sessions upon request. Wellness at Thornybush extends beyond the bush spa, offering guests the unique opportunity to embark on Wellness Safaris—a new concept in the Thornybush experience. Guests can enjoy an immersive safari lasting three hours, allowing health and wellness enthusiasts to reconnect with nature and foster a sense of balance and tranquillity.

“Our purpose is to provide every one of our guests with a life-changing safari experience, and we firmly believe that our wellness offering will add an extra dimension to the Thornybush experience”

concludes Melanie Parker, Head of Operations.

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