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Tintswalo Pioneers Crypto as Payment Option

Discover the future of travel with Tintswalo Lodges! Notably, as one of the first luxury hospitality groups to embrace cryptocurrency payments, Tintswalo offers a seamless and secure way to book your dream retreat in South Africa. By utilizing Tether (USDT), a stablecoin linked to the value of the US dollar, you can enjoy reduced fees, instant transactions, and unparalleled convenience. This innovative move not only showcases Tintswalo’s commitment to providing personalised experiences but also highlights its dedication to utilising cutting-edge technology. As a result, guests can expect a truly unforgettable stay that is both convenient and secure.

Tintswalo Lodges has pioneered cryptocurrency as payment for lodge accommodation. Tintswalo has set up its Reservations department and is now ready to process transactions paid for in USDT (Thether). USDT is a user-friendly crypto, offering reliability and predictability ideal for international transactions. As a ‘stablecoin,’ its value is tied to the US dollar, which avoids the volatility common in the crypto market.

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Revolutionising Travel Payments

As dynamic and proactive service providers in the global travel industry are accepting crypto as a means of payment for trips, flights, and hotels, cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular among travellers across the world. This shift towards accepting crypto is indicative of the industry’s willingness to embrace new technologies and offer more choices to their customers. Additionally, it highlights the growing importance of cryptocurrency in the global economy, as more businesses are recognizing its value and potential.

Through a strategic partnership with cryptocurrency payment solution provider Ezee Solutions Group and Pundi X, Tintswalo is embracing technology-driven solutions in the hospitality industry to enhance the payment experience. Simultaneously, it reduces costs significantly for both the guest and Tintswalo.

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Revolutionizing Luxury Hospitality

Lisa Goosen, CEO of Tintswalo Lodges, says the company is very excited to embrace this payment option as another way of doing business in future. ‘We like to think of this step as revolutionizing the world of luxury hospitality. We are open to new technologies and see this as a continuation of the personalized services Tintswalo is proud to offer our guests.’

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Certainly, using USDT is as easy as paying via credit card. Transactions are concluded without the risk of price volatility, and payments are generally instant and final, with no need for currency conversion. Moreover, in terms of Tintswalo’s own revenue management, it reduces the expenses in processing international payments. A win-win, crypto payment is an attractive option for customers, too, as it is fast and secure, minimizing the fees associated with cross-border payments.

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