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Sri Panwa Phuket

The splendour of Sri panwa

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With an entirely different yet no less luxurious vibe, Sri panwa resort is a mixed development that occupies the entire Cape Panwa peninsula at the southeastern tip of Phuket Island.

Tropical contemporary interiors, a plethora of dining and entertainment options and spectacular views make this resort the perfect place to either chill out and relax or enjoy a fun-filled break from the world.

Once you pass the reception area, the main building opens out to reveal a series of pools. Some have sunken lounge areas inside them.  Alongside the pools are other seating areas, some undercover, others in the open, some at the bar, and others at the restaurant.  Beyond the pools are the ocean and sky.  This space gave us our first clue of what to expect at Sri panwa: indescribable views and what I can only describe as “layers”. 

On the surface, it seems like a lavish, vibrant resort, which it is. However, once you start peeling back the layers, you discover hidden depths in almost every aspect of Sri panwa Phuket.

Villas at Sri panwa

Our individual villas were arranged at different levels around a central courtyard.  The focal point in this courtyard is a large infinity pool replete with coloured strip lights and a water feature. Alongside the pool is banquette seating for a crowd and a bar counter. It is the ideal place for a night-time pool party of epic proportions.

Sri panwa - pool paty

And yet, each villa is a haven of tranquillity.

Carefully designed to afford the highest levels of privacy and luxury, my villa felt at once like home and like an exotic island retreat.  I believe the carefully chosen music streaming from the speakers may have had a lot to do with the distinct “island vibe” that enveloped me.  Perhaps it was the private infinity pool that wrapped around the villa, affording a seamless view to the ocean beyond, from the couch, the bed and the bath?  Either way, it felt like I had arrived at a place where stress and worry were entirely foreign concepts.

Experience Sri panwa

Sometimes the layers are physical. Like the layers of infinity pools that draw your eye from the tiled floor of Baba Nest to the Andaman Sea in a seamless tapestry of shimmering blue.  Baba Nest has to be one of the world’s most stylish and exclusive rooftop bars. Dramatic sunsets and delicious cocktails are indeed a very heady mix.  Standing atop Baba Nest, I felt all-powerful and on top of the world.  At the same time, I felt over-awed and insignificant in the great expanse of sea and sky.

There are layers in the culinary experiences at Sri panwa too. The Baba restaurant concept provides several distinct locations within the resort. Each one serves different cuisine and offers a unique dining adventure.

The accommodation is another aspect with layers.  From the luxury suites on offer at Habita to the luxury villas for couples and families to exclusive penthouses, the array of accommodations has just two things in common. Each unit has its own pool, and each unit epitomises luxurious comfort.

The views

When all is said and done, though, the views steal the show… No photographer, no artist, no videographer, could ever capture the magnificence of the views at Sri panwa. Their brochures say that you have to see it to believe it.  This is obviously true and cannot be overstated. 

A few paragraphs cannot do justice to a resort as vast and varied as Sri panwa. Service is always friendly, fast and effortless. Indulgent pampering is offered as a matter of course. With numerous pools, bars, sporting facilities, the state-of-the-art Cool Spa and a private beach, Sri panwa is a destination in itself.  In fact, we would forgive you if you never wanted to leave.  No wonder then that they also offer villas for sale.

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