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Stonewood Hideaway – Luxury Adventure Awaits In Constantia, Cape Town

Stonewood Hideaway – Luxury Adventure Awaits in Constantia, Cape Town

Put ordinary life on hold and escape into a magical world of luxury, enchantment and superb service.

Stonewood Hideaway is a luxury villa on the slopes of Table Mountain, hidden “somewhere” between Hout Bay and the Constantia Valley amid exotic aloes, leafy ferns and ancient Frangipani trees.

Described as an enchanted forest, Stonewood is a labyrinthine wonderland where the organic design merges seamlessly with the surroundings – a natural evolution of the hillside.

This six-bedroom private villa is located on the verdant hills of Constantia in Cape Town. Wine lovers will know that this is where some of South Africa’s oldest vines can be found and established winemakers produce some of the country’s finest varietals, notably Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, in this area.

The brainchild of an eccentric movie director, the villa is utterly unique in style. Stonewood has evolved over 25 years into a playground for both children and adults that delights guests with its whimsical design. Exploring the property is like going on an adventure, where every room has a story and surprises await around every corner and every curve.

Perhaps the adventure is more of a treasure hunt as Stonewood reveals itself slowly to guests. Explorers will soon discover that there is more to it than meets the eye. Part Narnia and part Robinson Crusoe’s treehouse, the five levels of the villa weave in and out of one another, connected by pathways that lead to stone courtyards protecting mystical gardens of water and stone. With one spiral staircase leading to another, Stonewood leads you into wonderland where the enchanting forest and mountain views take your breath away.

The six bedrooms are each unique in layout, size, character and style – each one telling its own story of comfort, sanctuary and privacy. And, of course, each revealing its own secrets, whether it be eclectic artefacts, outdoor showers, a vintage copper tub or magical mosaics.

A fully equipped gym, sauna and steam room await those who wish to banish stress or soothe their conscience, with in-house spa treatments available by prior arrangement for those who deserve (or desire) some pampering.

Five sun decks and what can only be described as an “adventure pool” are just made for sun-drenched summer days, with a jacuzzi, BBQ (braai) facilities and games room rounding out the entertainment options. Did we mention the pool? It is ropes, it is slide trips, it is fun in the sun! Oh, and a “foefie” slide!

At Stonewood you will find a one-of-a-kind wine cellar and the lair, a cavernous subterranean space shaped like an aeroplane hangar.

In the dining room, you will find a 16-seater Pierre Cronje dining table and concealed doors that lead out to a vast dining deck while the state-of-the-art kitchen reveals a pantry with a walk-in fridge and freezer and a private chef.

Let us stop for a moment to appreciate the chef. And the welcome. It is here that the adventure begins. At the opening of a big, bold wooden door and the warm welcome of wait staff at the ready with delectable canapés and fine wine, and gracious hosts eager to reveal the mysteries and delights of Stonewood Hideaway.

Of course, we shouldn’t for a moment forget the pièce de resistance of this wonderful adventure – the yacht … but we will tell you more about that tomorrow.

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All images courtesy of Stonewood Hideaway.

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