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Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Madhya Pradesh, India,  By Gillian McLaren

For that perfect  holiday in India, Singinawa Jungle Lodge  is a wonderful choice, being close to Kanha National Park Tiger Reserve, as well as to several fascinating villages of  indigenous tribal groups

There are twelve  stylish cottages  tucked away in a secluded part of the hundred acres of grassland and forest which comprise  Singinawa’s property.

Each tastefully decorated cottage has a lounge area, a shady veranda, and a spacious bedroom with an en-suite bathroom featuring a double vanity. The quality tribal art which is used in the décor is also on display in the  art gallery on the premises.

Central Indian cuisine is a highlight of the lodge, with a variety of superb dishes, all prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers.  Lunch is served on the balcony of the communal area, with pleasing views of the forest, teeming  with birds like the rose-ringed parakeet.

As the  soft morning light streams through the trees in Kanha National Park, you may go on safari in an open jeep, with a knowledgeable naturalist from the lodge and a guide from the reserve, . Thick with a tangle of mahua  and sal  trees, the jungle reverberates with sounds. Alarm calls of Hanuman langur, Sambhar (the largest Indian deer), or India robin may  alert possible prey to the presence of a leopard or a royal Bengal tiger.  You may also expect  to see flamboyant   Red Junglefowl, the  progenitor of modern poultry, or see the  impressive  one metre wide web of the Golden Orb Spider! Who knows, you might  discover a variety of beautiful butterflies too.

Easily spotted are herds  of Barasingha, or Swamp deer:  spotted  deer, with soft velvety antlers are often seen, , plus  the largest extant bovine  – the majestic Gaurs.

There is the opportunity to meet members of  the Baiga tribe, who claim to be the forefathers of the human race and the first people of India. They believe in one God, Bhagwan, whom they say handcrafted them. Although their lifestyle is very minimal, with simple clothes and undecorated houses,  women wear large silver necklaces which have been handed down from generation to generation, and tattoo their faces and body. Men collect bamboo leaves to fashion crafts.


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