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Keemala Phuket – Enchanting Luxury

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A member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, multi-award-winning Keemala Phuket is beyond enchanting.  “Beyond enchanting” also happens to be their tagline, which could not be more fitting.

Keemala’s unique architecture, indeed its very ethos, is inspired by a mythical story. Four ancient clans settled here after a violent storm at sea pulled their ships off the Sea Silk route.

The Keemala Story

Adrift and exhausted, the battered flotilla finally landed on a cape in the Andaman Sea – Jungceylon Cape. Today we know it as Phuket Island.  This haven boasted fertile soil, clean, clear water, excellent fishing and a mild tropical climate. In short, it was the perfect place for a diverse once-nomadic people to settle down.

Despite their disparities, the four clans embraced their differences and ultimately created a truly unique, unified, and peaceful community.

The four types of guest villas at Keemala are reminiscent of the four clans, and the villas reflect the beliefs and values held by each. 

The Clans

The Clay Pool Cottages harken back to the ‘Pa-Ta-Pea’ (Earth) clan, who cherished their life’s connection to the Earth. The cottages nestle alongside a natural stream, shaded by a tropical canopy, available as one- and two-bedrooms.

Keemala Phuket Clay Pool House

Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of the ‘Khon-Jorn’ (Wanderer) clan, the Tent Pool Villas feature a full canvas exterior. The quirky chests dotted around the villa seem ready for packing ahead of the next adventure.

Keemala Phuket - Tent Pool Villa

Many believed that the We-Ha (Sky) clan had an advanced understanding of the universe. Like Keemala’s Tree Pool Houses, they built their homes elevated from the ground to be nearer the sky in order to obtain better creativity and liberty.

Keemala Phuket Tree Ppol House

The Rung-Nok (Nest) clan enjoyed an opulent way of life and craved exclusivity. People believed the Rung-Nok were superior in both intellect and creativity.  With their striking woven tangle exterior, the Bird’s Nest Pool Villas are the largest, most sumptuous villas. They offer unique features like a stone tub and mosaic shower floor for a dream-like bathtime experience.

Keemala Phuket - Bird's Nest Pool Villa

Throughout their years of nomadic existence, the clans cultivated extensive knowledge about the human body, herbal medicines, as well as holistic treatments of the body and mind. Keemala brought these ancient practices to life at the award-winning Mala Spa.

Experience Keemala Phuket

You will notice a reflection of this delightful story in so many experiences at Keemala. Hearing it deepened our enjoyment of our surroundings.  We discovered a wonderland where a quaint hanging bridge over a stream overlooks a waterfall that hides a meditation room from view. Winding paths through lush vegetation lead you from the sprawling central swimming pool to the restaurant with its magnificent views, from one villa to another, from the spa to the beautifully conceived reception area and gift shop.  Everything is connected, just as everyone is connected.

The villas are, of course, beautifully appointed. Luxurious baths invite a leisurely soak and outdoor showers deepen the sensation of purposeful oneness with nature.  Warm wood interiors, an expansive (sinfully comfortable) bed draped in a delicately decorated mosquito net, and little touches that convey thoughtful consideration to guest comfort create a rustic yet lavish escape from nearby Kamala and Patong beaches.

If at all possible, do not rush your stay at Keemala Phuket.  This retreat is to be savoured. Feel it at a soul level, experience it through wholesome food, healing treatments, exceptional service, respectful consideration of nature and community and, finally, a near-mystical connection with the ancient clans that etched their mark in this small corner of the world.

We were, indeed, enchanted… and loathe to leave.

To book your stay at Keemala Phuket, visit  To find out more about what Thailand offers, visit Amazing Thailand.

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