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In the Lap of Luxury – The Only One Cape Town 65-Foot Princess Yacht

The old adage that there is a simplicity in luxury holds true more often than not.

With interiors plush enough to match a five-star hotel, it is the comfort, freedom, and views that catches our fancy with the Only One, a luxury yacht based in Cape Town available for charter for discerning guests to the Mother City.

From enjoying the picturesque views of Cape Town out among the brisk Atlantic breeze to relaxing in your air-conditioned cabin, cruising in luxury brings a certain renewed vitality.


The Only One Yacht takes you on a journey to explore South Africa’s most beautiful Cape Town destinations, this is the perfect time of the year to spend your time and money on her. Who does not want to make their morning coffee with uninterrupted 360 views of the Atlantic Ocean? But you see, this is just the beginning, now… Breakfast is served and the adventure continues.

Gently hug the coastline, drop anchor in front of the Grand Beach Café, or even better, the Clifton shores and go for a swim, or simply relax onboard.

Feel the freshness of the wind and the warmth of the sun on your skin whilst you sip on your beverage of choice. Smell the salty waters, listen to your favourite melodies, and “just be”, in the lap of luxury.

The Only One Yacht, or as she is now referred to as the “Atlantic Princess,” will make you fall in love with life on the ocean with her smooth and (almost) whisper-quiet cruises. Providing Luxury Yacht Charters in Cape Town, the Only One Yacht offers day charters, as well as overnight charters, even as far as Robben Island.

Choose to indulge in private ocean dinners, stargazing, go far from the city, honeymoon weekends or family adventures and experience all of this in your own time.

This luxury yacht is bound to leave you speechless and just as a private jet or the latest luxury sports car is a sign of wealth and abundance, so is the “Atlantic Princess,” The Only One Yacht.

For more information contact  Megan on +27 (0)21 569 3733, or +27 (0)79 556 2831, or visit their Website :
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