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Banyan Tree Phuket

Banyan Tree Phuket

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From the all-pool villas nestled around the lagoon to the wealth of leisure activities on offer, Banyan Tree Phuket is designed with luxury in mind.

Whether you are planning a romantic retreat, a golf getaway, a business event, a destination wedding or an escape from the world – Banyan Tree Phuket has it all.

The Banyan Tree Phuket Spa

This award-winning spa exudes an aura of absolute privacy and luxury.  Incorporating ancient natural Thai ingredients into their treatments, the spa celebrates the art of touch.

The spa pavilions are beautifully decorated.  Windows look onto a private garden. A burbling fountain, quiet music and scented candles soothe the senses.

Before my massage, my therapist invited me to sit back and relax while she welcomed me with a calming foot bath.

A 60-minute deep-tissue massage was exactly what my body craved, and this was, without reservation, one of the best I have ever enjoyed.

The entire experience was deeply healing, completely relaxing and bordering on spiritual. 

If our visit to Banyan Tree Spa has taught me anything it is this: indulge in the healing ministrations of an expert therapist whenever the opportunity arises. You will be so glad you did.

The Wellbeing Sanctuary – Veya Pool Villa

The Wellbeing Sanctuary is a new concept available at selected Banyan Tree properties since 2021. 

The concept enables travellers to combine their stay with special well-being elements designed specifically for the individual.  The elements are centred around eight pillars – physical vitality; cultivation of the mind; harmony with nature; sustained practices; bonding and connection; learning and development; sleeping well; and dietary awareness.

When we stepped into the eco-sustainable living villa at Wellbeing Sanctuary Phuket, we sensed this was different.  The Veya Pool Villas are specially designed to enhance sleep.  There were in-room amenities such as yoga mats, stretch bands and a singing bowl, and essential oils for pre-sleep bath and body rituals.  Even the mini-bar provisions were healthy, made from locally-sourced ingredients.  Organic linen and robes, a fresh herb steam basket, a private pool and a relaxation lounge round out this extremely serene space.

In addition, guests have access to 50 simple but impactful well-being activities, bodywork and spa therapies, and, of course, balanced, healthy meals.

Finally, the Wellbeing Sanctuary prepares a personalised, take-home guide for every guest.

This concept is such an intelligent one, one that resonates with my soul as being in line with what is needed, not just in Phuket, but wherever you find yourself.

Veya Restaurant

What do you do when you are happy, relaxed and feeling as if you have been touched by the health gods (in the form of a very accomplished spa therapist)?  I eat.  I eat healthy, delicious food.

Veya, the plant-forward restaurant beside the pool at Banyan Tree Phuket is exactly the right place at which to enjoy healthy, delicious food.  They offer conscious cuisine inspired by both Asian and Mediterranean culinary traditions.

We were spoilt for choice and ended up ordering a variety of dishes to share so we could all explore a little more of the menu.  Every morsel was a revelation.

Banyan Tree Gallery

I was not in need of retail therapy.  No.  I was curious.  Simply curious.  My curiosity led me to the final stop on this epic trip.  My curiosity led me to Banyan Tree Gallery.  Despite the name, it is not a gallery.  It is a gift shop.  To be fair, as gorgeous and unique as some of the items on sale were, it may as well have been a gallery.

I roamed around in awe of the gorgeous ceramics, the essential oils, the fabrics and the décor. 

As I was waiting for the lady behind the cash register to wrap my purchase, I noted the message behind the cash register. It conveyed the ethos of Banyan Tree so well. 

It read: 

“Our journey is in weaving culture, heritage and entrepreneurship together in a narrative of artisanal creation.

Our mission is to return dignity to craftsmen, celebrate the generational wisdom of wellness and handmade traditions, and create beautiful, relevant products for everyday use.

Because of you, we have been able to improve lives, empower women and educate children, building resilience in communities and their environments through initiatives with partners around the world.

Thank you for walking with us.”

I reflected on this.  Here they were, thanking me for my meagre purchase, yet I had received so much from Thailand.  And I was so very grateful.  And, with that thought in my heart and in my head, I boarded the bus, and then the plane.

Experience Phuket

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