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The female burnout

We live in a world where women have more opportunities and pressure than ever before. We need to open our own companies, look great, cook healthy meals, travel to luxurious destinations, squat, build great relationships, use coconut oil and shop at Thrupps…

Here are the top reasons why we could suffer from burnout and how to avoid it.

Energy drainers: There will always be someone who needs our time or our expertise. Everyone places a demand on our energy levels, so we need to decide what matters to us. We don’t know how to say no to people or how to walk away from things that no longer serve us.

We have normalised burnout: It is not normal to be exhausted, anxious, and not sleeping at night. We need to stop telling ourselves that taking time out to rest is wasting time. We need to stop putting on a brave face, we need to stand up for our own well-being.

Photo: Anthony Tran

Fight or Flight: We are always in a state of panic, living off the adrenalin rush. It’s not good for your body to feel as though it is in danger. We are continuously producing stress hormones to get through another day of being emotionally depleted. Being chronically stressed is not a status symbol of success, it’s the reason why we are falling to pieces.

Perceptions: Life is busy, yet we keep saying yes to taking on more. We all have our breaking point and for many women it’s their mental health that is sacrificed first. We keep pushing ourselves, we survive on carbs, sugar, and coffee, while continuing to push through the mental fatigue.


Feeling like you are drowning is not normal, its a sign that you need to take a step back. As we are headed towards the end of a year be careful and take some time to revitalize yourself and your soul.

Written by: Tamryn Sher
Images: Shutterstock

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