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Vanessa G – My Africa

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The collection’s unique prints and patterns, set against vivid colours, are inspired by three endearing themes; Isisuka, a Zulu word meaning ‘Source’ representing Africa as the cradle all humankind and lending African symbolisms to the patterns and prints of the collection; Bhabhatane, a Xhosa word meaning “Butterfly” symbolizing Africa as a myriad of cultures and traditions, evident in the vibrancy of colours; and Iselwa, a Xhosa word meaning “Calabash” showcasing Africa as the melting pot of all that is the earth, inspiring cool natural tones.

Fine raw silks symbolise sophistication and luxury throughout; while illusions of Life and Movement skilfully created through the technique of layering fabrics, allow a touch of soft femininity in flattering day and evening wear, reflecting ‘pieces of art’ full of life and colour. Chic safari ensembles and signature trench coats complete the collection with timeless black outfits and exquisitely tailored white creations, staples of every woman’s wardrobe.

Completing the look, intricate baroque detailing and embroidery are eagerly crafted on to selected pieces while the finest cut beads and Swarovski crystal elements bring an element of sheer luxury and bold statement to others. Classic necklines frame the face and emulate exclusivity, chic and stylish.

The vibrancy continues into the accessories collection with handbags crafted with natural stone pieces -and shoes – as canvases, subtle paint techniques bringing them to life in the Vanessa G way. Each garment and accessory, a hand crafted, symbolic piece or art, awaiting the stylish, discerning woman.

About the Vanessa G Fashion Label

The luxury women’s’ ready-to-wear brand, founded by one of South Africa’s most successful female entrepreneurs, Vanessa Gounden, was launched in London in 2011 and is positioned as high end ‘art’outure’, where Vanessa Gounden herself is the Label’s Creative Director and the inspiration behind the brand’s artistry.

“Vanessa G” is aimed at the contemporary woman of today that has an appreciation of the arts and wants her clothes to reflect her sensibility. Through each ‘piece of art’, Vanessa communicates the ranging emotions of women, whilst at the same time capturing the untold stories of unsung artists. The new collection ‘My Africa’ comprises a range of strong feminine tailoring pieces in a palette of earth cool shades and patterns which work in harmony with the exotic prints, beautiful embroidery and beading interwoven in to each ‘piece of art’.

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