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Ruby Red HondaJet Elite

HondaJet Elite unveiled

Honda Aircraft Company has revealed their upgraded business aviation jet, the HondaJet Elite. An aircraft that has been refined into a best-in-class offering just ahead of the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Honda Aircraft Company Unveils the HondaJet Elite

At fist glance aviators will notice all of Honda’s breakthrough aeronautical design components have been incorporated into the business jet. This includes HondaJet’s Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration and Natural Laminae Flow fuselage nose and wing.

“The HondaJet Elite represents Honda Aircraft’s continued commitment to performance, efficiency and environment creating new value in business aviation.”
Michinasa Fujino, CEO, Honda Aircraft Company

To ensure that Honda Aircraft Company remains at the pinnacle of business class jet production they have specially designed the HondaJet Elite to be the most efficient, quietest, fastest and highest-flying as well as the furthest-flying in its category.

Aviation enthusiasts can look forward to three new exclusive signature colour schemes for the exterior: Ice Blue, Ruby Red or Monarch Orange. Along side the all new industry first speaker-less in-cabin sound system that provides immersive audio experience throughout the entire cabin. Two tone leather seats and galley complete with barista system.

Technical additions have been installed to ensure flight safety and enhance the piloting experience these include:

  • Stability and Protection with Roll and AoA Functions: Provides enhanced safety features for manual flying that will deter aircraft operation outside the normal flight envelope
  • AFCS Coupled Go-Around with Underspeed Protection: The aircraft’s autopilot remains connected, enhancing aircraft safety and reducing pilot workload
  • Noise Attenuating Engine Inlets: Advanced inlet technology created to reduce exterior and interior noise
  • Performance Management: Provides optimized performance planning for all phases of flight such as airspeed / cruise altitude, fuel flow, etc
  • Takeoff/Landing Distance (TOLD) Management: Automatic computation of the required runway length, V-speeds, climb/approach gradients, etc..

For full specifications on the HondaJet Elite please visit:

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