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LA LISTE, a new selection of the 1000 most remarkable restaurants across the globe, was recently published, with Restaurant Mosaic featuring at number 373.

Says Restaurant Mosaic’s Chantel Dartnall: “We are so excited to even be included in the top 1000 best restaurants in the world, let alone coming in at number 373. And the best thing about the system used by LA LISTE to rank the top 1000 is the fact that it is based on reviews by food critics as well as ordinary diners,” adds Dartnall.

The number of South African restaurants to make in onto the list totalled 14, with 12 of those in the Western Cape and two in Gauteng.
The top 5 rated establishments worldwide – according to LA LISTE are:
1st Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville (Crissier, Switzerland)
2nd Per Se (New York, USA)
3rd Kyo Aji (Tokyo, Japan)
4th Guy Savoy (Paris, France)
5th Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Switzerland)

To determine the winners, LA LISTE used score averaging and semantic across 200+ food guides, review sites, gourmet blogs, social media, and major national and local publications in 48 countries. The result – 1,000 outstanding restaurants highlighting most-loved food destinations worldwide.

Says LA LISTE founder Philippe Faure: “At the heart of our rankings is an algorithm that quantifies the weighted average of reviews from critics, publications and diners. We believe that numbers speak for themselves, and we are here to translate them into a language for gourmands everywhere.”

Faure insists the list is “totally scientific”, compiled according to an algorithm that he likens to tennis’s ATP or the Shanghai world university rankings. Its creators say it aggregates marks for thousands of restaurants around the world from 200 food guides, as well as participatory websites such as Trip Advisor, rankings including 50 Best and food reviews in the press. Some 3,000 international chefs were consulted on the trustworthiness of the guides included, and a committee of 20 “international experts” also contributed

Overall, Japan comes top with more 126 mentions, France is second on 118 and America third on 101. Britain has 46, while restaurants from 45 countries also get mentions.
The 14 South African restaurants that made the list are (with ranking in brackets):
La Colombe (228); Tasting Room (362); Greenhouse (368); 500 at The Saxon (372); Restaurant Mosaic (373); The Restaurant at Waterkloof (409); The Test Kitchen (425); The Pot Luck Club (447); Terroir (494); Jordan Restaurant (516); Massimo’s (749); 96 Winery Rd (762); La Boheme (782) and The Roundhouse (816).
For the complete top 1000 restaurants on LA LISTE:

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