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De Bethune

WatchBox – Buy, Sell and Trade Luxury Timepieces

WatchBox is the world’s leading platform for the buying of collectable luxury timepieces. Technology, innovation as well as unmatched global experience in the high-end watch market fuel this platform.

WatchBox offers an unrivalled selection of luxury timepieces for sale. They have also streamlined their client services for selling and trading timepieces. These services are readily accessible both on and offline, with a vibrant online community.

In addition, they have offices and showrooms inˇthe United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and Dubai.

Trust, pricing transparency and authentication are central tenets of WatchBox’s platform. In-house master watchmakers thoroughly evaluate each watch, which also carries a 2-year international warranty.

De Bethune

WatchBox recently announced its investment in independent Swiss watchmaker De Bethune. Established in 2002, De Bethune is led by founder and visionary Master Watchmaker Denis Flageollet and CEO Pierre Jacques.

Since its 2017 founding, WatchBox has championed the work of contemporary watchmakers and independent brands. Through this investment, WatchBox heightens its commitment to the independent watchmaking segment.

The De Bethune manufacture is dedicated to research and development. Its philosophy combines classic watchmaking skills and craftsmanship with a contemporary technical process. As a result, the company continues to experience unprecedented growth and recognition by collectors and the industry at large. This investment will enable De Bethune to allocate greater resources towards a strong and stable trajectory into the future. Their partners and customers enjoy De Bethune’s dedication. Of course, the brand remains true to its creative and quality principles.

Watchbox invests in De Bethune

Watchbox & De Bethune

“WatchBox has been a trusted partner of ours and a dynamic supporter of De Bethune for years,” Denis Flageollet and Pierre Jacques remarked. “We have long admired their desire and commitment to educating the global watch community on the art of watchmaking and are delighted to now join together. WatchBox’s investment will enable De Bethune to fulfil our long-term vision of advancing and reinterpreting watchmaking.”

Pierre Jacques (CEO) and Denis Flageollet (COO and Master Watchmaker) will remain on De Bethune’s board of directors. Together, they ensure continuity and will continue to lead the teams in Geneva and L’Auberson. They pursue the successful product, distribution, and communication strategies of the brand. De Bethune honours the traditions of 18th-century watchmaking while delivering technical and aesthetic innovation.

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