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Virgin Atlantic Elevates Premium Experience with Debut Lifestyle Collection

Virgin Atlantic, known not just for the airlines but also for its stylish designs, has launched its first-ever lifestyle collection. Not only is the collection boasting a variety of trendy garments, but it also includes eco-friendly faux leather travel necessities. The creators have specifically crafted these pieces to enhance each step of the customer’s experience.

Two of the leading sustainable British designers, Fenella Smith and Oliver Co, collaborated with Virgin Atlantic to produce a collection inspired by the needs of the airline’s affluent customers. The airline regularly receives requests for travel essentials, such as passport covers and travel totes. These requests led the airline to work with famous British designers to make them a reality.

Iconic Style, Inclusive Designs

Their website boasts a variety of premium items, including the highly sought-after ‘Queen of the Skies’ jumper. This chic clothing item, priced at £70, obviously recalls Princess Diana’s iconic ‘Fly Virgin Atlantic’ sweatshirt from the 1980s. Featuring a super soft cotton fabric, this garment guarantees a comfortable wear and is offered in two striking colours – classic navy and cream. It perfectly captures Virgin Atlantic’s style and is perfect for every occasion, both on and off the runway.

The Virgin Atlantic lifestyle collection also features a jumper emblazoned with the airline’s LGBTQ+ icon Oscar, who features on the side of Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Rain Bow’ plane. Virgin Atlantic has been a long-time supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. As part of this support, the airline has recently updated its gender identity policy to allow its employees to choose the uniform that best represents them, regardless of their gender, gender identity, or gender expression. This includes the iconic Virgin Atlantic uniforms.

Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to elevating its customers journeys both in the air and on the ground remains integral to the range, which also includes a contemporary and luxury canvas travel tote (£90), flight bag (£95), jumpers and t-shirts with the airline’s iconic flying icons (£70/£35), Runway ready pouch (£60), High Flyer passport holders (£70), Hello luggage tags (£40) and Virgin Atlantic playing cards (£12). Each design has Virgin Atlantic’s instantly recognisable red seamlessly woven throughout. Alongside these travel essentials, Virgin Atlantic’s pronoun badges will also be available to purchase for the first time since their inception last year as part of the airline’s updated uniform policy.

British Elegance, Global Commitment

As Britain’s flag carrier, Virgin Atlantic’s collaboration with sustainable British designers Fenella Smith and Oliver Co. underlines the airline’s dedication to promoting British design while spotlighting the airline’s environmental commitments. This lifestyle collection truly encapsulates the essence of Virgin Atlantic’s brand and efforts to create thoughtful experiences for its customers and people.

Oliver Co collaborated with the designers to create a set of items, such as the passport holder, luggage tag, landing gear pouch, and cardholder, which are all made from tea-based plant leather. This material choice gives a British nod to the classic collection and offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather. The tea alternative uses less energy in production compared to other plant-based leathers that use fruit waste which requires an energy-intensive drying process.

On our mission to be the most loved travel company, we’re committed to elevating our customer experience at every opportunity. Our passion for design is one of the things our customers love most, and this brand-new travel range will enhance their journey, both on and off the runway.

“Collaborating with talented British designers Fenella Smith and Oliver Co, we’ve curated a collection of responsibly crafted pieces, each underpinned by our commitment to providing a premium experience, while making every customer touchpoint as sustainable as possible.

Shai Weiss, CEO at Virgin Atlantic

Fenella Smith

British designer and founder Fenella Smith commented: “Virgin Atlantic’s iconic brand and focus on seeing things differently align perfectly with my creative vision of celebrating colourful self-expression.

“My pieces for the collection place Virgin Atlantic’s vibrant red at the forefront, creating stylish accessories that are perfect no matter what the occasion. Each has been crafted to not only capture the airline’s elegance but to also serve as a canvas for self-expression.”

Oliver Co

“Our pieces for Virgin Atlantic’s first-ever lifestyle collection are a celebration of the airline’s iconic colours through design-led travel essentials made from the latest in material innovation. Together, we’ve created a collection that not only represents Virgin Atlantic’s style but also reflects our shared dedication to minimising our environmental impact. It is a testament to the idea that products can and should be designed sustainably, without compromising on looks or functionality,” said Matthew Oliver, Founder and Creative Director of Oliver Co.

Where to get yours

To explore Virgin Atlantic’s debut lifestyle collection and bring a touch of Virgin Atlantic’s spirit into your daily life, visit

  • Virgin Atlantic lifestyle collection includes:
  • High Flier passport holder – £70
  • Hello luggage tag – £40
  • Big Spender card holder – £50
  • Landing gear travel wallet – £90
  • Canvas travel tote – £90
  • Flight bag – £95
  • Runway ready pouch – £60
  • Billie Holiday jumper (available in blue and cream) – £70
  • Billie Holiday t-shirt (available in blue and cream) – £35
  • Queen of the Skies jumper (available in blue and cream) – £70
  • Queen of the Skies t-shirt (available in blue and cream) – £35
  • Rain Bow jumper (available in blue and cream) – £70
  • Rain Bow t-shirt (available in blue and cream) – £35
  • Virgin Atlantic playing cards – £12
  • Virgin Atlantic pronoun badge card – £10
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