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The new Alexander McQueen rug collection

The iconic fashion house, Alexander McQueen, celebrates the organic beauty of Metamorphosis through its fifth luxury rug collection.

Exclusive British fashion label Alexander McQueen has recently announced their fifth collaboration with The Rug Company. Significantly, this series celebrates the majesty of Metamorphosis

Sarah Burton, Creative Director at Alexander McQueen, and the fashion house team worked alongside the British rug manufacturer. Together they also designed bold pieces that pay homage to the process of rebirth and renewal. Of course, we can’t wait to elevate our home decor with these ultra-stylish pieces. 

Prestige Digital | The new Alexander McQueen rug collection

Each rug is a distinct adaption of a specific look from the label’s collections. In fact, the aesthetic of butterflies, beetles, and nature’s ability to reinvent itself in ever more mystical ways served as inspiration.

An exclusive rug collection

A collaboration first forged in 2010, Metamorphosis marks the fifth collection between the two brands. Famed for its storytelling as well as unparalleled creativity, Alexander McQueen is well-known for innovation and ground-breaking design juxtaposed with a respect for traditional craftsmanship. The new collection preserves these core values, reflecting the brand’s signature aesthetic.

The Rug Company produces and sources some of the finest quality rugs in the world. For 20 years, they travelled far and wide to discover rare and exceptional pieces.

Crafting each rug takes four months, but they last generations because the Rug Company uses the same time-honoured techniques employed by artisans for hundreds of years.

Prestige Digital | The new Alexander McQueen rug collection


As the name suggests, Metamorphosis refers to rebirth and renewal. Each rug is a distinct adaption of a specific look from the brand’s collections. The beauty and resilience of nature are core inspirational aspects.

Of the collaboration, Alexander McQueen’s Creative Director, Sarah Burton, revealed: “I am delighted to be part of this collaboration which represents the shared values of a love of nature and respect for tradition, handcraft and innovation.”

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