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Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition

Estelon is excited to present the Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition, inspired by the company’s 10th successful year.

The Estelon Forza embodies the most successful technologies carried over from the Extreme, Estelon’s flagship model. The Forza, introduced in 2019, has already received much worldwide recognition and numerous awards.

Limited Edition

Prestige Digital | Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition

Estelon has released the special Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition with a production limit of just ten pairs.

It features a combination of Black Pearl Gloss and Gold accents highlighting its elegant curves, presenting a truly luxurious finish. Furthermore, the connectors’ panel features designer Alfred Vassilkov’s signature.

It is not, however, only how the Forza looks that is impressive.

Powerful Performance

Prestige Digital | Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition

Firstly, each Estelon Forza speaker is a 4-way design with two woofers, one mid-woofer, one midrange driver, and one tweeter designed and produced by the premium driver manufacturer, Accuton.

Secondly, the two custom-made 250 mm (11-inch) aluminium-sandwich woofers can reproduce extremely deep and accurate bass, while the 190 mm (8-inch) aluminium-sandwich mid-woofer allows for fast and impactful upper bass.

Prestige Digital | Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition

Thirdly, the 168 mm (7-inch) ceramic membrane midrange driver is ultra-light and stiff, allowing critical mid-frequencies to be played without colouration or distortion while also having a linear response.

Lastly, the 25 mm (1-inch) diamond tweeter can reproduce sounds at the highest frequencies, up to 60 kHz, with no distortions in the human hearing range.

Interestingly, the same tweeter can be found in the dashboard of the Bugatti Chiron supercar.

Timeless Design

The unique shape and soft curves of the cabinet eliminate the effects of reflective diffraction. Likewise, the frequency characteristics of the dispersion remain straight and linear, not only in front of the loudspeaker but also at various angles. This widens the ideal listening position.

The combination of the curved cabinet walls and specific interior chambers also eliminate cabinet vibrations, so the audio signal remains pure and will only come from the driver elements.

The staggering 150 kg weight of each speaker gives both reactive and dynamic stability. This supports the acceleration and transient attack from the driver membranes. It also provides increased dynamic and micro-dynamic details in the sound.

As its name suggests, the Estelon Forza is full of unimaginable, refined power. As the electric current passes through the drivers, the Forza instantly comes to life. Every nuance dances through the air, creating a realistic soundstage and filling the listener with rich emotions. Close your eyes and enjoy the best that music can offer.

Check the availability of the Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition with your local dealer/distributor.

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