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Step into the New Year with unparalleled style with G-Star RAW

Embrace the arrival of 2024 in absolute fashion finesse, as G-Star RAW unveils three new collections set to make you the showstopper, whether you’re conquering the office, tackling errands, or owning a night out on the town.

Dive into Denim Indigo Edits

If you’re one of those who are enamoured with the timeless allure of classic indigo denim, then the all-new Denim Indigo Edit collection is definitely your holy grail. In fact, with its stunning designs and high-quality materials, this collection is sure to satisfy even the most discerning denim lovers out there. The jumpsuit an eternal wardrobe icon, is making waves once again, leaving us perpetually craving more.

Unleash Endless Looks

Unlock the full potential of maxi skirts this summer and embrace their endless versatility! Whether you’re seeking a breezy beach look or a relaxed coffee outing ensemble, maxi skirts seamlessly adapt to your needs. For instance, effortless elegance awaits when you pair your maxi skirt with the Shirt Para Simple Tank. This combination delivers both comfort and style, making it perfect for soaking up the summer sun.

Alternatively, you can also elevate your look to smart casual by combining them with the chic Sniper Shirt and platform sandals or boots for a midweek drinks-and-dinner date. With these versatile options, maxi skirts are no longer the unsung heroes of your closet.

Denim Long sleeve top and Trousers

Moreover, denim staples for the gents are in full force this season. From lightweight overshirts to the eternal charm of a classic denim jacket, the options are endless. If you’re looking for a timeless combination for any occasion, you can opt for the plain white tee, denim overshirt, and your favourite jeans – a fail-proof ensemble. Additionally, if you’re looking for a new experience, you can try out the New Transitions.

If you are obsessed with the ‘black and white’ aesthetic, you can fuel your passion with the addition of New Transition pieces to your collection. These innovative styles and altered silhouettes offer limitless styling options for an effortlessly chic look. Furthermore, the Transition pieces seamlessly blend in with your existing wardrobe, making it easier to create a cohesive and fashionable look.

G-Star RAW Revolutionize Workwear Denim

Infuse fresh energy into your workday wardrobe with G-Star RAW’s stylish workwear collection. This curated selection features sleek shirts, sophisticated jackets, and versatile denim, ready to supercharge your arsenal of office looks.

One indispensable piece is the Cargo Cord 3D Boyfriend Pants. Dress them up with the GSRR Marine Long Blazer for a seamless shift to a powerful presence in any client meeting. And don’t underestimate the versatility: pair them with a stylish heel for added polish or opt for sneakers for a cool, confident edge. Ultimately, adding these pieces to your wardrobe empowers you to redefine your professional style with confidence.

G-Star RAW. Man in Denim Jacket and Pants

Effortlessly elevate your style game and command attention with the Premium Modson Straight Chino and matching Chore jacket from G-Star RAW. This iconic duo** seamlessly blends** sophistication and laid-back charm, creating the perfect foundation for mastering the art of showing up for success.

Complete the look with your favourite sneakers for a touch of personalized flair. This effortless combination guarantees you’ll turn heads wherever you go, whether you’re closing a deal, conquering a presentation, or simply making a lasting impression.

Where to get yours

Elevate your style game, seize the moment, and make a statement as you step into the New Year with G-Star RAW’s latest offerings. Find your perfect piece on the website, or at your nearest G-Star RAW store.

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