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Spier’s Delicious Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Spier’s Chocolate & Wine Tasting was one of the Winelands’ very first wine and food pairing innovations. However, it is still one of its most popular. This year, Spier introduces a delectable new offering. This is ideal for anyone looking to refine their pairing palate—or simply seeking a bit of indulgence. In collaboration with the renowned local chocolatier Von Geusau, Spier has created three handmade chocolates. These chocolates perfectly complement and accentuate the subtle flavours of each award-winning Creative Block wine.

Your tasting journey starts with a handcrafted chocolate box. It is served alongside a trio of Creative Block wines—each excellently paired with speciality chocolate—and complemented by the palate-cleansing and refreshing Cap Classique Brut.

The Creative Block wines are named after the art project that provides a platform for both emerging and seasoned artists, launched in 2004. The resulting ‘Creative Blocks’ adorn the Spier Tasting Room and are available for sale, providing a valuable platform for exposure and income. This initiative harmoniously aligns with the Creative Block wines, which are a collection of Rhône- and Bordeaux-inspired blends. Mirroring the collaborative spirit of the art project, Spier’s winemakers craft these wines by blending grapes from various vineyards, creating rich and multi-dimensional flavours.

Here’s what visitors can expect from this flavourful new pairing

Creative Block 2 – paired with a passion fruit & lemon white chocolate
Experience a refreshing burst of tropical flavours with Creative Block 2. This timeless blend of 86% Sauvignon Blanc and 14% Sémillon pairs perfectly with the passion fruit and lemon white chocolate. It enhances the wine’s gooseberry, lime, and white peach notes. Additionally, the blend of zest and sweetness creates an uplifting sensory experience.

Creative Block 3 – paired with a liquorice, blueberry & elderflower milk chocolate
A Rhône-inspired blend, Creative Block 3 features 93% Shiraz, 4% Mourvèdre, and 3% Viognier. This wine carries aromas of violets and rich black cherry and mulberry flavours, rounded off with a spicy hint of black pepper and fennel. Taste it alongside the liquorice, blueberry, & elderflower milk chocolate to complement the wine’s spiciness and for an added burst of berry sweetness.

Creative Block 5 – paired with a cherry & chilli dark chocolate
Discover the rich and bold profile of Creative Block 5, a Bordeaux-inspired blend with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot, along with dashes of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. Alongside the cherry & chilli dark chocolate, this pairing accentuates the wine’s dark fruit notes while introducing a gentle heat that brings out the best in the chocolate and the wine.

Cap Classique Brut – for inbetween bites
Spier’s Cap Classique Brut is a golden-hued bubbly crafted in the traditional French style. It is ideal as a palate cleanser between sips or to round off the tasting.


The Spier Chocolate & Wine Tasting costs just R95 per person and is vegetarian-friendly. Enjoy it at the Spier Tasting Room and take home both the wine and chocolate to share the love. For more information and bookings, please contact (021) 809 1984 or visit here.

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