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Something for the Ladies – Some Must-See Online Stores

Women's Month 2020
1. Something for the Ladies – Some Must-See Online Stores
2. Not Going Quietly – Fierce Style for Ageless Women
3. Chelseabelle – Beautifully Designed Scatter Cushions
4. Jislaaik! Premium South African Products
5. Blueberry Blush: A Sole Indulgence
6. For the Love of Silk | Yasmin Barsch
7. Fantastick – Wall Décor to Instantly Transform Your Space

Prestige has been interviewing business owners about their experience of lockdown and how the pandemic has affected their business.  During this process a few things have become abundantly clear.

  • It’s more about staying at home than it is about going out;
  • It is more about sustainability and being a conscious consumer than it ever was;
  • It’s about eating healthy foods to boost your immune system;
  • It’s about getting back into shape after the whole world came to a halt for a while;
  • It’s about supporting local business;
  • And it’s still all about shopping – shopping is just being done differently.

While it’s true that South Africa has been slow to adopt an online shopping culture in recent years, the pandemic put paid to that and there has been a veritable explosion of online stores.

Since it’s Women’s Month, and we know how much us ladies love to shop, we’ve decided to make the rest of Women’s Month a virtual tour of some of the best online stores South Africa has to offer.

In honour of our country’s women, the stores we’ve selected are either women-owned, women-run or feature female artists or designers.

Watch this space and our social profiles – you’ll love what we’ll be sharing with you.

Happy Women’s Month!

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