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Samsung QLED 8K

Samsung: Why Bigger is Better, When It Comes To Your TV

With vast streaming services to cinematic video games, now is the time to experience incredible content on a big-screen TV.  Here are 3 reasons why:

Samsung QLED 8K
Samsung QLED 8K

Next-Level Realism

When it comes to picture quality the key lies in the balance between size and resolution – the total number of pixels a TV screen contains. The bigger the TV, the more important its resolution becomes. An ultra-high-resolution TV like Samsung’s new 2020 QLED 8K packs a whopping 33 million pixels into its screen. Such high resolution amplifies the experience.

Samsung QLED 8K
Samsung QLED 8K


When a gaming console is paired with a big-screen TV, the on-screen action becomes even more immersive. Samsung’s QLED TVs offer next-level gaming with Auto Game Mode, a built-in function that automatically analyses connected gaming devices and optimises TV settings to make gameplay detailed, smooth, and realistic.


With many students studying from home recently, TVs have emerged as valuable tools. A big-screen TV offers a larger window for exploring a wide range of exciting subjects with effortless connection to smartphones through Samsung’s QLED TVs. This bridges the gap between classroom, device and a world of online content.

Clearly, bigger is better!

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