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One of Joburg’s top restaurants transformed

After a successful eight years of plating up an exceptional array of fine fare, Cube Tasting Kitchen in Parktown North has announced a transformation beyond just the aesthetic, but with a name change too. Est Est Alea, meaning “The Die is Cast” in Latin, is an idea born out of the constant evolution within the fine dining space. Chef and owner of Cube Tasting Kitchen Dario De Angeli has always been known for his impeccable dining experiences, and Est Est Alea is no different.


“Est Est Alea represents more than just physical renovation; it is the evolution of a journey in search of dining perfection. It is a place where the art of fine dining is personalised and celebrated,  and where the building of a relationship between the chefs and diners is encouraged,” states De Angeli on this transformation.


Over a period of 30 years, De Angeli has time and again displayed his inherent urge to push the boundaries of the ingredients with which he works.  He explains that the name was born out of the fact that this is the pinnacle and “final resting place” for himself. The name is also colloquial Latin for “It is Cube” – paying homage to the essence of Cube. After a year of renovations, Est Est Alea is a culmination of De Angeli’s understanding  of the nuances of food and what creates an exceptional dining experience. The food explores various facets of taste, texture, plating and serving styles, set in a beautifully-crafted venue.


Walls and ledges adorned with modern art and sculpture mingle well with food that displays itself as art too, while the open-style kitchen invites diners to participate in the creation of their meal.


Award-winning and exclusive boutique wines are available, and are all served by the glass. For the adventurous, Est Est Alea serves up a notable list of cocktails.

Written by Kate Els

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