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Night Of The Stars.

Night of the Stars by Vinimark: Unveiling the Meaning of ‘Best of the Best

Vinimark’s recent “Night of the Stars” saw a dazzling array of international and national wine awards gleam with prestige.

There are almost as many international and national wine awards and competitions as there are vintages. Among the several hundred out there, more than 150 competitors hold high respect, each measuring its own authority and idiosyncrasy. The International Wine Challenge, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the Decanter World Wine Awards and a handful of others tend to hold sway, while the wine advocates and critics’ choices also stand out, with Tim Atkin and Robert Parker notable in this regard. In South Africa, most of us look to Platter’s Wine Guide or the Veritas Awards, the longest-running competition in the country, established in 1991.

Night of the Stars. Gentleman testing Wine.

Recognizing Excellence

Bringing together South African winners of various competitions in a moment of communal excellence, Vinimark’s annual “Night of the Stars” shines bright as a beacon of the country’s finest wines. Launched in 2017 by South African winemakers who have achieved at the highest level and garnered accolades, this trade event serves as a vibrant platform to showcase their outstanding achievements.

The 2024 edition of the Night of the Stars, which was held at the One&Only Cape Town on 13 February, included an astounding array of award-winning wines by 27 different brands. The well-attended showcase serves as one of the highlights of the wine industry year.

‘We salute the excellence of all of our brand partners and we’re confident in all the wines that emerge from their cellars, but this event celebrates standout achievements.”

Vinimark’s Brand Portfolio Director Helen Kock.
Night of the Stars. Woman holding Wine bottle

Vinimark’s Night of the Stars

At the event, attendees enjoyed an impressive selection of wines. The selection included six Veritas 2023 Double Gold winners, sixteen wines that scored over 95 in the 2023 Tim Atkin Report, and twenty-one wines that Platter’s Guide awarded five stars to. Additionally, among the highlights was the Vilafonté Series C 2021, which received a remarkable rating of 99/100 by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate in 2023 – the highest-ever rating for a South African red by a US-based publication. Notably, three of the wines that earned Platter’s Guide’s top five-star rating also won Platter’s Wine of the Year in their respective categories. In short, the evening was an absolute feast of the country’s finest.

Night of the Stars also provides trade buyers and local wine writers with a sterling opportunity to engage with the winemakers behind the winning vintages and to try out some truly special wines. Moreover, everything to be tasted at Night of the Stars is exceptional in its own way. According to Kock, the intention behind this event is to elevate the profile of the South African wine industry.

Night of the Stars. Vinimark Event

Ultimately, of course, the hope is that these standout wines will make their way on to wine lists, and the shelves of retail outlets and pages of online stores. ‘We’re extremely proud to be able to distribute the best of the best to South African retailers and restaurateurs and, through them, to wine lovers everywhere,’ said Kock. After all, for the consumer, buying a recognised award-winner is always a good rule of thumb for securing a purchase that offers an exceptional experience in a glass.


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