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New Rockets Restaurant On Menlyn Rooftop

New Rockets Restaurant on a Menlyn Rooftop

When Sean Barber, owner of the Rockets Life franchise was in the midst of building a brand new Rockets branch in Menlyn the tough COVID-19 lockdown regulations were announced. Despite the barrage of challenges that seemed to stand in the way, Sean and his team soldiered on and have miraculously completed the construction and refurbishment of the Rockets Menlyn restaurant, now located on the rooftop of Time Square Casino.

Prestige Digital | New Rockets Restaurant on a Menlyn Rooftop

What can patrons expect from the new Pretoria-based Rockets restaurant?

Mirroring Rockets Bryanston on design and decor, the 1500-square-meter new restaurant incorporates the fusion of contrasting elements such as raw industrial materials, indoor forestry, striking visual art, and sleek finishes. Overlooking Menlyn to the West, the rooftop restaurant enjoys unrivalled views of highveld sunsets and dazzling city lights all around.

Prestige Digital | New Rockets Restaurant on a Menlyn Rooftop

While the award-winning Rockets restaurant in Bryanston offers a multi-storey, multi-theme banqueting experience for diners, the new rooftop Rockets in Menlyn occupies one capacious space, with the ability to divide areas for private events and parties.

Prestige Digital | New Rockets Restaurant on a Menlyn Rooftop

The new Rockets in Menlyn also indulges its patrons with a contemporary champagne bar, a sumptuous open lounge, the highly exclusive “Volt” area, and a seated restaurant area for premium dining, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night drinks. Much like its sister-branch in Bryanston, Rockets Menlyn serves a fusion-based menu, created by Cyprus-born Group Executive Chef, Mark Alexandru, and executed to perfection by Head Chef Jason Kirk.

Prestige Digital | New Rockets Restaurant on a Menlyn Rooftop

More than just another restaurant – it’s a lifestyle

In the upcoming months, following the establishment’s launch, Rockets Menlyn patrons can look forward to plenty of entertainment and dining extravaganzas, including a Halloween dinner (at both Menlyn and Bryanston) and weekly summertime Sunday rooftop parties with live entertainment. As is the Rockets tradition, South Africa’s top DJ’s will fill the air with music from Thursdays to Sunday, and a two-day New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebration will feature world-class DJ’s and musicians, from lunchtime until late.

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