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Musgrave Spirits Brings the Don Pedro Back Home

The Don Pedro is renowned as one of South Africa’s most popular cocktails. Originally made with whiskey and ice cream, the Don Pedro has, through the years, been known to contain other liqueurs and spirits, lending other flavours to this refreshing beverage.

Musgrave Spirits is determined to bring the brandy industry into the 21st century and has set its sights on the mighty South African cocktail: the Don Pedro.

Musgrave Copper and Food Stylist Lisa Clark have crafted Don Pedros with exotic flavours such as Honey Lavender and Burnt Honey & Orange, both made with Musgrave Black Honey Copper and Hazelnut Praline and Mango Chai, both made with Musgrave Vanilla Copper. Download the recipes here.

The Black Honey and Vanilla flavours of Musgrave Copper make this cocktail much more than a milkshake – expect a melt-in-your-mouth blend of sweet and sticky that solves all of your dessert or “one more drink” decisions.

Musgrave’s new take on an old classic is sexy, luxurious and sophisticated.

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