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Montblanc PFW Breakfast FW24 - Stella Maxwell (4) Lead Header

Montblanc Introduces “The Desk” At Paris Fashion Week

Montblanc returned to Paris Fashion Week to give media, influencers and VIP guests, including Zinedine Zidane and Rupert Friend, a first look at its latest leather pieces on display at La Galerie Bourbon in the heart of Paris.

The sumptuous salons and galleries of the historic venue, recently restored to their former glory, were certainly the perfect setting to introduce leather collections that balance the rich heritage of Montblanc with the distinctly bold and exciting new designs of the Maison’s Artistic Director Marco Tomasetta.

A Conduit for Creativity and Self-Expression

After presenting its Library Spirit campaign in 2023, making the connection between Montblanc as a Maison rooted in the culture of writing with the inspirational power of the library as home to millions of words, Montblanc now introduces The Desk, its latest theme spotlighting the desk as a conduit for creation and self-expression. The desk fuels creativity and inspires writing, serving as the one piece of furniture created exclusively for putting pen to paper, while the library offers a source of inspiration in what has already been created.

“Just like writing a novel or a poem, design is also about capturing an idea or a thought on paper so that it can become something bigger, something tangible for others to experience and enjoy. Sometimes forgotten, the desk is a sacred and special place for a designer, a writer, a creative, where the concepts swirling in our minds take shape in front of our eyes, guided by our pen. Not only do we want to celebrate the importance of the desk with our latest theme, we want to invite others to take a seat at the desk and express their own creativity.”

Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc Artistic Director

The Desk – Step into Elegance

Upon arrival at La Galerie Bourbon, the courtyard welcomed guests, including Zinedine Zidane, Rupert Friend, Stella Maxwell, and Alex Pettyfer, with a coffee cart featuring a grand Meisterstück installation. This paid homage to the celebration of the Maison’s most iconic writing instrument’s 100th anniversary, which will take place in 2024. Inside the venue, guests could discover Montblanc’s latest collections in addition to the desk, where creative magic happens for anyone who takes a seat.

Extensive renovations restored La Galerie Bourbon to its former glory and elegance, once the Parisian residence of the Spanish royal family. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, among its illustrious guests, drew inspiration for his most famous novella, Le Petit Prince, from his stay at La Galerie Bourbon.

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