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Lustre For Life This Valentines Month

Lustre For Life – A Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day

Did 2020 make you or your loved one lose your lustre? Thank heavens, 2020 is over and 2021 is a new year and a time for fresh beginnings. And bearing in mind that February is the traditional month of love, this is the perfect time to help the special person in your life regain their lustre. Unique jewellery is a wonderful gift idea for Valentine’s Day, one that will make your loved one smile and shine every time they wear it.

Black diamonds: stylish statement pieces 

When choosing a special jewellery piece, why not make it black diamonds?

These exquisite gemstones contain black graphite, which makes them opaque rather than clear and gives them an almost metallic look. This imbues them with an element of mystery and gives them a sultry charm all of their own. 

It’s only in recent decades that these entrancing gemstones have gained in popularity. They have taken their rightful place as high-end stones that should be enjoyed and treasured just like their more well-known counterparts (clear diamonds, rubies, sapphires and the like).

Wearing a black diamond piece makes a bold statement about who you are: Individual, unique, and perhaps even a bit daring. They also appeal to those who simply appreciate their alluring beauty. Black diamonds contrast beautifully with a setting in silver, platinum or gold, or when worn in combination with a clear diamond.

A Gift Idea for Valentine's

What’s more, through the ages, black diamonds have become synonymous with passion, action and energy. They have all the style and elegance that people associate with clear diamonds. That’s even more reason why these gorgeous gemstones a wonderful gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Murdocks: a passion for quality jewellery and timeless elegance

Murdocks’ founder, British-born James Edgar Murdock, had a vision for creating the best, most beautifully crafted jewellery and accessories. They included top-quality diamonds, gemstones and gold that his adopted country of South Africa was blessed with – in abundance.

The rest is history

Murdocks was founded in 1896, and, as they say, the rest is history. James’ vision was realised. His legacy of creativity, quality and excellence was passed down from generation to generation of successive jewellers. Of course, it goes without saying that this tradition of excellence has continued to the present day. James Murdock would be proud to see that his reputation has endured the ages. The latest generation of jewellers ensures that the current selection is not only refined but also contemporary and on-trend.

Boutique shopping experience

The V&A Waterfront boutique in Cape Town stays true to Murdocks’ founder’s original vision – bringing customers the best quality, supreme craftsmanship and service excellence when it comes to selecting jewellery and luxury watches for a loved one (or as a gift to yourself). 

The emphasis is on both quality and style, and their staff will give you a warm welcome. They ensure that you will find a piece from the unique Murdocks collection according to your individual needs and budget. After all, Murdocks knows that spending on a once-in-a-lifetime jewellery piece or accessory can be a daunting experience.

Whichever black diamond piece, jewellery creation or luxury watch you choose, it is sure to be there perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day. It will make the month of love a memorable one and help the special person in your life regain their lustre. After all, they deserve it.  

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