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Le Parcs By Tashas

Le Parc by Tashas

The Tashas location in Hyde Park Corner has been re-energised with a new look, a new brand, and is now a one-of-a-kind food and retail emporium. As well as being a destination for the sophisticated shopper, “Le Parc by Tashas” brings Paris streets and market-style courtyards to life within the Hyde Park Corner environment.

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Tashas flagship restaurant

General Manager of Hyde Park Corner, Jacqui McGeehan, had this to say about the newly opened emporium: “We are very proud to house Tashas’ flagship restaurant within Hyde Park Corner and congratulate the team on a wonderful refurbishment which has already been well-received by customers.”

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It is also the first time a South African store reflects the Tashas Group’s expanding international-level offering. This is a strategic move on the part of the group. This restaurant also bridges the gap in the local portfolio of Tashas Group brands. They developed the concept in Dubai and brought it to life in South Africa.

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“Le Parc intends to bring joy and be regarded as a happy space,” explains CEO and founder Natasha Sideris. “It’s bright, different, unique and fun. It is delicate and feminine, and there’s something for the kids too. It’s an experience and one which I think people need. It is not just a come and dine and go place anymore… it’s a step inside a whimsical world.”

Designed from the outside, in

For over a decade, the Tashas Group has partnered with Verhaal to bring the Tashas experience to life. Led by interior architect Neydine Bak and architect Dewald Struwig, their approach to design celebrates honesty. Each store takes inspiration from its surroundings. It has become an intimate and considered experience for the client, as well as the guests.

Le Parc by Tashas is located in the heart of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. Well-positioned for sophisticated shoppers, the location now reflects a retail and food focus. The design also sets the store apart with its distinctive tone of soft pink – not only from its peers in the Group but also from its competitors in the market.

“There are not a lot of places where you can dine and shop; this is the whole experience,” says Natasha.

Food Emporium

The Le Parc by Tashas menu features seventy-five items which are all made on order. Furthermore, twenty of the dishes are favourites from Tashas Classic Menu. Fifty-five dishes are brand new to Le Parc’s Signature Menu, reflecting a French theme for the dishes. Think ratatouille eggs with crispy brinjal, smoked salmon salad, to say nothing of a Tashas-take on a Bahn Mi and even calamari Provençal.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget the gelato. Le Parc will make its own ice cream – six different flavours and one special “flavour of the week”. It is the perfect take-home or eat-there treat. Placed next to a candy-floss machine, waffle station and toffee apples… it is an equally fun place for kids.

The food at Le Parc by Tashas isn’t just about dining-in. There is also a substantial retail offering. One of the highlights is the bread. This includes freshly-made sourdough, baguettes, cranberry and seed loaf and coconut bread. Le Parc will also make a couple of gluten-free options each day.

Le Parc by Tashas Retail Experience

Over 300 retail items are available to purchase from Le Parc. Some are made in-house, while others are sourced from local partners, and a few are even flown in from around the world.

Two oval tables will be the centrepiece for the retail section. These are heavily laden with a bounty of breads, ambient pastries, linens and ceramics. Also included are olive oils, spreads, jams, butters, a full range of biscuits and sweets – and even Tashas much-loved homemade granola. You can also buy bespoke crockery and linen homeware like tablecloths, placemats and napkins. This includes the option of having it personalised and monogrammed.

“Some of the products will be under our brand and some of them under the original supplier,” says Natasha. “It’s important for us to be authentic and to give credit to those suppliers and partners whose top-quality products feature in our retail section.”

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The Décor

As one of the popular dining destinations in Hyde Park Corner, Le Parc has grown its footprint as the number of visitors to the shopping centre have increased. Extra seating has also been added. In addition, Le Parc’s space has been given a more intimate feel with the addition of stained-glass perimeter frames and fabric sails across the ceiling.

Natasha explains: “The sails have softened the lighting from the skylight, without making it too dark, and we’ve added new architectural lighting and candles to give the space a natural feel.”

As a matter of fact, for Natasha, the most successful décor change has been the colour. From stucco and pale hues to a warm palette of pinks with pops of colour, it is warm and also completely separates the space from the rest of the centre.

Le Parc is open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sunday, join the team for breakfast or lunch.

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