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Le Creuset for pets

Le Creuset introduces new Enamel-on-Steel Pet Bowls and Treat Jars in their Le Creuset for pets range.

Say bone appetite to your furry friend with the Le Creuset Pet Collection. Human-grade carbon steel, and, of course a colourful glaze, makes these items both gorgeous and glamourous. An iconic variation of the three-rings of Le Creuset appears in a fetching bone design.

Le Creuset for pets is as dependable as your best friend. The enamel coating is durable, easy to clean, and also resistant to stains, scratches and rust. The collection consists of two different-sized pet bowls (perfect for dogs and cats). The collection includes a treat jar, available in colours that co-ordinate with Le Creuset cookware and tableware.

Le Creuset treat jar

Create Happy Meals for Happy Pets

Make mealtime a stylish affair with the enamel-on-steel Pet Collection.

Le Creuset style

Pet Bowls

Le Creuset for pets is available in two sizes for furry friends both large and small. The classic round design has a spacious interior for easy access to food, water and tasty treats. It also has a non-slip base to help minimise spills and tipping over.

Le Creuset happy meals

Treat Jar

This colourful jar has a generous 4L capacity that is paw-fect for storing kibble and tasty treats. A signature stainless steel knob tops the jar that coordinates with other Le Creuset cookware.

Le Creuset treat jar

The new Le Creuset Pet Collection will be available from March 2022 at Le Creuset boutique stores and online at

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