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Rolex 2024 Watches and Wonders Reveals

Watches and Wonders 2024
1. Rolex 2024 Watches and Wonders Reveals
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The Rolex 2024 models revealed at Watches and Wonders bring a fresh new look to some of the brand’s most iconic models. Offering unique harmonies of materials, colours and textures, the Rolex 2024 models illustrate a desire to constantly reawaken watchmaking emotions while demonstrating uncompromising quality down to the smallest detail. Thanks to the brand’s in-house mastery of watchmaking expertise, the new watches play with contrasts to achieve a harmonious balance of functionality and aesthetics, performance and preciousness, tradition and innovation.

Oyster Perpetual Gmt-Master II Echoing emotions

The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II in Oystersteel now features a grey and black ceramic Cerachrom bezel insert for the first time. Introduced to the range in 2023, this muted colour contrast subtly evokes the alternation of day and night. The metal used to create this new version also celebrates the model’s identity, which, at its launch, was only available in steel.

The company is offering two new versions that combine discretion and functionality. One version comes with an Oyster bracelet, while the other comes with a Jubilee bracelet.

The black lacquer dial bears the inscription ‘GMT-Master II’ in green. This colour also features on the 24-hour hand, which, like a beam of light, calls attention to our connection with the world. Displaying much more than just an alternative time zone, the hand points to another location that resonates with the wearer, a reminder of the emotions that accompany each traveller.

Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Harmonious variations

Dials that are ombré, coloured blue-green, or in pearlized white mother-of-pearl. Faceted, deconstructed Roman numerals and faceted hour markers. A bezel set with trapeze-cut diamonds. The brand showcases its enduring desire for rare and wide-ranging expertise, even in the smallest details, through the new versions of the Day-Date. Colours, materials, motifs, hour markers – each element contributes to the harmony of the new combinations.

The Rolex 2024 versions of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 are stunning. The first, in 18 ct Everose gold, introduces a slate ombré dial. A particularly precise manufacturing process brings to life a symphony of shade in this design, offering a delicate transition between light at the centre of the dial and darkness around the edge.

Shimmering Mother-of-Pearl and Dazzling Diamonds

The second version, in 18 ct white gold, features a pearlized white mother-of-pearl dial: a first for the Day-Date 40. Rolex has released two new versions of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 that shine with a striking variety of iridescent reflections thanks to their rare and refined mother-of-pearl design. They feature an irregular, voluminous texture that evokes tiny overlapping clouds playing with the light, creating a sense of shimmer. Additionally, ten baguette-cut diamond hour markers enhance their overall appeal.

The first, in 18 ct yellow gold, has a white lacquer dial with faceted, deconstructed Roman numerals and faceted index hour markers. Smooth and shiny, these hour markers, which were previously exclusive to the Day-Date 40, stand out for their pure and expressive design. The Day-Date 36 features an 18 ct Everose gold case and a stunning blue-green dial. Additionally, it boasts a bezel embedded with 60 trapeze-cut diamonds, which illuminates the deep and intense colour of the dial. This is the first time that an 18 ct gold version of this watch has featured a bezel of this type.

Perpetual 1908 Elegance in Movement

The Perpetual 1908 is now available in 950 platinum with an ice blue dial, a hue that is exclusively for Rolex watches in this prestigious metal. On this guilloché dial with a rice-grain motif, light bounces off the raised pattern, producing a variety of reflections with every movement of the wrist.

Perpetual 1908 Elegance in Movement. Front

This new watch affirms its unique identity with elegance and finesse. The process of guillochage, also known as engine turning, involves using a turning tool to sculpt a geometric pattern onto the surface of the dial. This creates the intricate motif that is visible on the watch. The decoration alludes to traditional watch-making, yet the rosette-like design, centred on the small seconds counter at 6 o’clock, gives this watch exceptional personality.

A watch of rare distinction, the new Rolex 1908 is a visual masterpiece, incorporating the scintillating dial and delicate craftsmanship in even the tiniest details, from the dial design to the fine fluting of the bezel and the filet sauté with guilloché crimped pattern around the minute track.

Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea Bringing light to the deep

The new Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is the first 18 ct yellow gold deep-sea divers’ watch, adorned in blue and showcasing an unprecedented combination of materials. It exemplifies Rolex’s expertise in materials and colours, with gold paired with elements in ceramic and RLX titanium. The watch case integrates a technical innovation in the form of a blue ceramic compression ring, showcasing a new way of using this material.

The Ringlock system incorporates a Cerachrom ring with a circular satin finish that helps the watch withstand the immense pressure of the abyss. The watch features a helium escape valve made of RLX titanium that preserves the watch’s integrity during decompression. Additionally, the case back is also made of RLX titanium.

The dial, bezel insert, and compression ring’s uniformity of colour is a triumph, accentuated by the case’s 18 ct yellow gold and the Oyster bracelet. The engineers have crafted the new version of Rolex Deepsea to shine into the ocean depths with its precious and technical design, bright and abyssal appearance, and majestic and innovative features.

Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona An icon eternally revisited

The new Rolex 2024 versions of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona’s dials contrast black and white natural mother-of-pearl with a bezel set with diamonds. These reinterpretations of the iconic watch achieve the perfect balance of precision and preciousness.

A subtle interplay of hues reflects wide-ranging expertise, from gem-setting to the art of dial-making. The watches write another chapter in the legendary story of a model known for a wealth of variations, summoning the potential in each of us for perpetual reinvention. Made from 18 ct white gold, these timepieces display two colours of natural mother-of-pearl on the dial.

The dial is white with black counters on the first watch, a colour combination that is reversed on the second. The strength of the contrast, the intensity of the colours and the depth of the reflections are the result of a particularly stringent material selection process. The brand’s artisans handle both varieties of mother-of-pearl with the utmost care.

The two new timepieces incorporate a bezel adorned with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds and are fitted with a bracelet matching the colour of the counters. The watch with black counters features an Oysterflex bracelet, while the version with white counters is fitted with an Oyster bracelet.

Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller The symphony of reflections

Sophisticated, technical and distinguished, the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in 18 ct Everose or yellow gold is now available with a Jubilee bracelet. Designed to enable tireless travellers to rapidly find their bearings, the Sky-Dweller reaffirms its elegance and is a delight to the senses. By alternating the size and finish of the links, with smaller, polished centre links and larger, satin-finished outer links, the Jubilee bracelet in 18 ct gold stands out for its wealth of reflections and harmonious forms.

The version in 18 ct Everose gold features a slate dial, while the watch in 18 ct yellow gold boasts an intense white dial. The bracelets on both watches are also highly regarded for the ceramic inserts designed by the brand, which enhance their longevity and flexibility on the wrist.

An unrivalled reputation for quality and expertise

Rolex is an integrated and independent Swiss watch manufacturer. The world recognizes the brand for its expertise and the quality of its products, which are symbols of excellence, elegance, and prestige. Its headquarters are located in Geneva.

The movements of its Oyster Perpetual and Perpetual watches are certified by COSC and then tested in-house for their precision, performance and reliability. The Superlative Chronometer certification, symbolized by the green seal, confirms that each watch has successfully undergone tests conducted by Rolex in its own laboratories according to its own criteria. These are periodically validated by an independent external organization.

The word ‘Perpetual’ is inscribed on every Rolex Oyster watch. But more than just a word on a dial, it is a philosophy that embodies the company’s vision and values. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of the company, instilled a notion of perpetual excellence that would drive the company forward. This led Rolex to pioneer the development of the wristwatch and numerous major watchmaking innovations, such as the Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch launched in 1926, and the Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism, invented in 1931. In the course of its history, Rolex has registered over 600 patents.

At its four sites in Switzerland, Rolex designs, develops, and produces the majority of its watch components, from the casting of the gold alloys to the machining, crafting, assembly, and finishing of the movement, case, dial, and bracelet. Furthermore, the brand is actively involved in supporting the arts and culture, sport and exploration, and devising solutions to preserve the planet.

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