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Revival By Design


Renowned jeweller Jenna Clifford has recently introduced a revolutionary service in the jewellery industry, REVIVAL by Jenna Clifford. The process involves taking your unused or unwanted jewellery items, such as gold, diamonds and other precious stones that have been inherited or gathered over many years and converting them into magnificent new heirlooms that will withstand the tests of time. 


Designed to appeal to your personal aesthetic taste as the wearer, Revival by Jenna Clifford affords you the opportunity of utilising the value of your existing jewellery assets, whilst simultaneously creating something splendidly new. In this way, your jewellery remains contemporary and still importantly honours the sentimentality that is imbued by the original pieces that were personally contributed.

Jenna Clifford now offers you the opportunity to upload images of your old jewellery items to their website and they will send you some inspiration of what beautiful creations can be designed. A skype or face-to-face consultation will be set up where you can discuss your ideas and design the perfect piece together with one of their jewellery design experts. For more information on this exciting service contact  or visit REVIVAL on their website.

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