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Bespoke By Kate Lioness Collection

Bespoke by Kate luxury ‘Lioness’ jewellery collection

Bespoke by Kate, purveyors of luxury jewellery, has just launched the anticipated ‘Lioness’ jewellery collection.

New York trained gemologist, Kate Shearer, designs and manufactures the gorgeous pieces for Bespoke by Kate in South Africa. “After months of planning, we are thrilled to launch ‘Lioness’ – a range dedicated to independent, confident women who are invested in treating themselves to luxury jewellery and feeling empowered to do so,” says Shearer.

Bespoke by Kate ‘Lioness’ collection

The Lioness Pinky rings

The Lioness Collection gets its name from the fact that it epitomises a certain elegance and steely strength that a lioness displays. The collection, set in 9k and 14k gold, uses carefully curated round brilliant diamonds and South Sea Baroque pearls. Pretty tourmaline dress rings glitter radiantly while Mother of Pearl flower charms demand attention. Pinky rings are fast becoming the favourite new accessory. Brilliant round diamonds cluster on the Lioness pinky rings, with a 9k or 14k rose gold or yellow gold setting.

Pearly Whites

Pearls have never been out of fashion but gone are the days of perfectly round pearls. Now Baroque South Sea Pearls celebrates their imperfection and individuality. These organic shapes create natural curves that allow light to reflect in all directions, giving the pearl’s lustre a shimmering, multi-coloured palette.

Necklace with pearl

Healing Tourmaline

People have long revered Tourmalines for their healing properties. They also protect against electromagnetic frequencies such as those emitted by computers and cell phones. In addition, this gemstone helps draw out toxins from your body. Many believe that Tourmalines also help clear away spiritual, mental and emotional angst. Obviously, the best way to have a Tourmaline close to your body is to wear it. It is for this reason that it makes a popular jewellery choice. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colours, it has good hardness and excellent clarity. “The joy of Tourmalines is that a potential client can choose the Tourmaline colour and shape that suits her personality and style,” says Shearer.

Jewellery collection

The Lioness Collection features bold pieces; from earrings and necklaces to opulent rings. Bespoke by name and nature, this new jewellery range is a force to be reckoned with.

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