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If Cape Town Were A Coffee ...

If Cape Town were a coffee, what would it taste like?

Nespresso launches Cape Town-inspired coffee as part of its new World Explorations range.

Encapsulating the essence of Cape Town

In a special tribute to South Africa, the world leader in portioned coffee has quite literally encapsulated the essence of the Mother City in its Cape Town Envivo Lungo, which forms part of the Nespresso World Explorations range.

Cape Town features alongside 5 other cities in the collection, which allows coffee lovers to travel the globe through coffee by providing the in-cup result of these cities’ local tastes.

Coffee rituals around the world

Nespresso was inspired by the diversity of local coffee cultures. With this mind, Nespresso set out on a discovery of coffee preferences and rituals around the world.

Nespresso searched for the soul and the coffee tastes of some of the world’s most admired cities. The result is World Explorations, a range of Lungo coffees that captures the sensations, the soul and the coffee tastes of some of the world’s most admired cities. Enjoy them from home, at the touch of a button.

Nespresso’s ongoing efforts and commitment to its sustainability and circularity objectives mean the capsules are 80% recycled aluminium.

Perfecting Cape Towns coffee tradition

“Cape Town Envivo Lungo perfectly reflects South Africa’s coffee tradition. Not only does its taste profile and intensity express the richness of Cape Town, its culture and lifestyle, but it also mirrors its coffee heritage and how South Africans tend to enjoy their coffee – a blend of Arabica and Robusta, enjoyed long and with milk, ” says Yassir Corpataux, Coffee Ambassador Nespresso MEA.

Bespoke artwork

In the spirit of local flavour, Nespresso South Africa has collaborated with multidisciplinary Afrocentric artist, Baba Tjeko. The launch of Nespresso World Explorations will feature his bespoke creations. Baba Tjeko tells a story of cultural traditions through his colourful geometric forms while highlighting Cape Town and its essence. 

Beyond Cape Town, the range celebrates traditional coffee moments from around the world. Therefore, Nespresso invites consumers on a journey that will enhance their tastes and enrich their coffee knowledge.

The Viennese coffee house culture, for example, is where coffee becomes part of a special trip. Here people enjoy Nespresso idly from morning ‘til night.

Argentinians, on the other hand, observe their Merienda coffee break late in the afternoon alongside sweet and savoury snacks.

Discover the Full World Explorations range:

World Explorations Shanghai Lungo

Firstly, Nespresso recognised China’s newly developed modern coffee scene. Nespresso’s World Exploration Shanghai Lungo captures the emerging Asian coffee culture. It is for this reason that they searched for a distinctive light roast blend that combines Kenyan, Chinese and Indonesian Arabicas.

The berry notes and fine acidity of the coffee is best enjoyed as a longer cup. Appreciate the drinking experience like a local.

World Explorations Buenos Aires Lungo

Argentina has a vibrant food scene where sweetness prevails. With this in mind, Nespresso’s World Explorations Buenos Aires Lungo blends a gently roasted Colombian Arabica with Ugandan Robusta, to deliver distinct cereal and sweet popcorn notes.

Paying tribute to the city’s love for smooth long cups characterised by a sweet, milky flavour, it is, therefore, best served with a generous drop of milk and sugar.

World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo

South Africa prefers Asian coffees, which have shaped local tastes over time. In view of this, Nespresso’s World Explorations Cape Town Envivo Lungo blends Indian Arabica and Robusta to deliver an intense and full-bodied Lungo with a punchy, bitter note and woodsy aroma.

In order to enjoy it like a local, unfold the coffee’s smooth roasted notes with a splash of milk.

World Explorations Stockholm Fortissio Lungo

Taking consumers on a leisurely wander through Stockholm, Nespresso’s World Explorations Stockholm Fortissio Lungo recreates the aromatic profile of a Swedish coffee.

In order to achieve this, Nespresso couples Monsooned Malabar with Colombian Arabica for an intense, sweet cup with a hint of bitterness.

To taste this cup like a true Swede, we suggest serving this flavourful coffee together with friends and family over a plate of cinnamon rolls.

World Explorations Tokyo Vivalto Lungo

The Japanese enjoy a richer coffee with balanced, elegant aromas.

In order to capture these preferences, Nespresso makes its World Explorations Tokyo Vivalto Lungo with refined Ethiopian and Mexican Arabicas. The aromatics deliver a complex, floral cup with a hint of acidity.

To enjoy like a local, extract this long black cup and take time to savour its aromas. 

World Explorations Vienna Linizio Lungo

Lastly, taken from Vienna’s coffeehouse tradition, Nespresso World Explorations Vienna Linizio Lungo pays homage to the many recipes and smoothness of Viennese coffee.

With this in mind, Nespresso pairs lightly roasted sweet Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas to enhance the malty and aromatic notes in the cup.

Nespresso suggests that this should be topped up with hot water for an even longer cup. Also, serve it with a slice of cake.

For more information, visit the Nespresso corporate website

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