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HUAWEI: A decade of excellence in the tablet market

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The global tablet market has continued to shrink since 2016, as new large-screen smartphones and lightweight laptops have emerged to fill the market. Despite this move, HUAWEI has stayed committed to a market many vendors have left, pursuing high-level innovation and development, launching a wide array of groundbreaking products, and bringing a breath of fresh air into the market.

This decade of investment and innovation has led to tens of thousands of patents and numerous cutting-edge technologies that bring powerful productivity tools to tablets for the first time, which makes it possible for HUAWEI to keep leading the way in productivity.

Prestige Digital | HUAWEI: A decade of excellence in the tablet market

Creating brand-new productivity tools

The global shipment of HUAWEI tablets now exceeds 100 million units—proof of the company’s continuous investment in this market and highlighting the fact that it has always understood the relevance of tablets as an entertainment device. That’s why the company equipped its MediaPad M series tablets with high-end audiovisual features, which received widespread positive feedback from users and helped boost the tablet market further.

As the market evolved, HUAWEI recognised the demand for mobile office and productivity tools and added new features like “App Multiplier” to its MediaPad M6 and “Multi-Screen Collaboration” to its MatePad Pro 10.8”. These features set a new benchmark for productivity on the go. The MatePad Pro 11” also came with innovative apps like PC Application Engine and HUAWEI Notes, which enhanced these capabilities even further.

With the MatePad Pro 12.6”, HUAWEI brought in a design that delivers a unique look and feel, and the MatePad Pro 11” came with a hidden floating antenna that helped improve the signal performance. HUAWEI tablets’ display and audio capabilities have also seen significant upgrades over the years to provide a whole new immersive experience. All these developments show HUAWEI ‘s consumer-orientated approach to product innovation and focus on easy-to-use yet powerful functionality.

Prestige Digital | HUAWEI: A decade of excellence in the tablet market

HUAWEI Breathing new life into a stagnant PC market

The brand’s PCs are just as impressive as their tablets, offering a rich set of features. HUAWEI’s PC division has leveraged the company’s experiences in the consumer product and ICT market to create a unique product lineup.

The brand has married breathtaking aesthetics with groundbreaking technologies, such as SuperTurbo, HUAWEI Metaline Antenna, minimalist design, smart interactions, and ultimate performance. Unlike traditional PCs, HUAWEI laptops manage to pack a broad array of capabilities into portable, streamlined devices.

Their success in the tablet and PC markets owes a great deal to the company’s user-centric approach and commitment to excellence across the board—from craftsmanship to technologies to ecosystem development. This enables the brand to gradually become a leader in both the tablet and PC industry.
As HUAWEI celebrates the tenth anniversary of its tablets, the upcoming MatePad Pro 13.2” is a testament to its legacy, featuring many of the innovative technologies that will shape the future of the tablet market.

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