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H&M Colloration With Lulama Wolf

H&M Home collaboration with Lulama Wolf

H&M HOME is delighted to present the second instalment of the For the Love of Art collaboration, this year featuring South African artist Lulama Wolf and US artist, poet and author Amber Vittoria. Of course, each artist presents their own product capsule within the collection. Lulama Wolf’s pieces include a rug, jacquard blanket and tufted cushion covers in three sizes as well as hand-painted plates. 

Fusing the world of art and interiors for a second year in a row, H&M HOME introduces a capsule with the artistic vision of two inspirational female creatives with diverse styles and cultures. Art brings a home’s personality and character to life. It creates inviting and warm spaces to enjoy, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or something else. Art also expresses beliefs and encourages conversations, as well as explores new perspectives.

Lulama Wolf

“Art and interiors go hand in hand at H&M HOME. Empowering young female creatives and providing them with an additional platform through our Love of Art initiative, allows H&M HOME to both inspire customers with the artists talents, as well as adorn their homes with it. This new collection makes for beautiful keepsake interior pieces for the modern home. We hope our customers will love it as much as we do,” says Evelina Kravaev-Söderberg, Head of Design & Creative at H&M HOME.

The art of South African Lulama Wolf derives from the intersection of neo-expressionism and modern African art. She utilises scraped as well as deep pigment techniques. The earthy hues of Lulama Wolf’s pieces for H&M HOME, echo her art, from the tufted rug to hand-painted plates.

I have always said that I want my work and art to reach and impact more people in a way that honours where I come from; and H&M HOME has made that possible with this collaboration. The homeware collection is a functional curation of pieces that I hope people cherish as much as I cherish how they become part of my journey with each purchase. I truly hope that this global collaboration lives to be a symbol of what I would like to continue to do with my work,” says Lulama Wolf.

Amber Vittoria

Multifaceted creative Amber Vittoria wants to represent the nuances of womanhood. She works with abstract forms, ribbons of colour and joyous words in her art. “I’m incredibly excited for my collaboration with H&M HOME. Homes filled with art create spaces for joy, love, and relaxation, and this is an accessible and colourful way to bring art into your home,” says Amber Vittoria

A renowned painter and poet, Amber, creates her vibrant rainbow gradients and joyful lines of poetry in her New York City studio. Taking advantage of the fluidity of her ink and paint, she uses a printmaking-type squeegee to pull the paint across the paper.

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