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GROHE’s virtual showroom offers immersive access

Viewing the world-class range of GROHE products has never been easier. In a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind offering in Africa, products can now be experienced first-hand in the virtual showroom. 

Grohe virtual showroom

A completely immersive experience

“Our brand-new virtual platform allows customers to view and experience GROHE products and innovations from the comfort of their home or office,” explains Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing at LIXIL Africa. “Videos, 3D renderings and detailed technical drawings provide a completely immersive experience, helping customers to research, plan and design every aspect of their new or revamped kitchen or bathroom.”

Grohe virtual showroom bathroom

GROHE is a world leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings

GROHE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings. Headquartered in Germany, the company is also known for the quality, versatility and ingenuity of its products. The brand has also become a firm favourite in Africa.

“The showroom will be as valuable for architects, interior decorators and installers as it is for consumers,” Stride adds. “Consumers will find the showroom useful for product designs and inspiration, while professionals will enjoy having all the necessary technical specifications at their fingertips and be able to demonstrate GROHE’s various product ranges and innovations to their customers.”

The showroom offers visitors the chance to see what the various products look like in modern bathroom and kitchen settings. GROHE products have been designed based on the latest industry trends. It also provides insight into how some of the more complex and innovative offerings work. This includes GROHE SmartControl technology as well as GROHE Blue.

The former allows you to choose the outlet, water flow and temperature. The latter serves as a high-performance filter, cooler and carbonator to deliver superior chilled, sparkling or still water on tap.

“Although the pandemic made the showroom more relevant than ever before,” Stride adds, “we have always wanted our products to be available to our customers in innovative and meaningful ways. We are excited to invite our customers into a real-life environment, where they will be emersed into a tangible GROHE experience.”

GROHE updates its virtual showroom as new products become available.

To see the showroom for yourself, visit

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