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The Negotiation of Unity

Lobola is a uniquely African tradition before two families can be joined in marriage, whereby the groom’s family negotiate the appropriate gift to thank the bride’s family for raising her to be a suitable wife.  The two bold blends, a red and a white, live true to their name, and have become a pivotal talking point with the wine drinking community. Much like a Lobola negotiation amongst the Elders, the wine tastes best when given time and a considerate palette.

Inside their velvet bags and hand-crafted boxes, the collection rests waiting for the perfect moment to be enjoyed. Whether it is the union between two families, businesses or multiple cultures these two unique blends make for a perfect “Salute” in celebration.


Tasting Notes:

Bella Blanc – Chardonnay, Chenin blend

Suggested Vintage for drinking: 2014

This full-bodied and wooded white appears bright gold with a hue suggesting the oak use, citrus and butterscotch nose – citrus follows on palate and some quince. The balance is impeccable with grapefruit, vanilla and baked apple flavours with an intense finish.

Beau Rouge – Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz blend

Suggested Vintage: 2014/2015

This dry, full-bodied and fruity red is a deep purple and complex wine. The palate is layered with mulberries and spice particularly apparent, along with a noticeable smoky Syrah character. The purity of black fruit and concentration is seductive. While still young, the finish is a touch mouth puckering but being packed with primary fruit flavours it will gain in complexity and seductiveness with age.


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