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Prestige Digital | Neethlingshof adds the Dance of the Jackal to its Short Story Collection

Neethlingshof adds the Dance of the Jackal to its Short Story Collection

This collection is packaged in a beautiful branded Neethlingshof box and we are excited to include the long-awaited release of the Jackal’s Dance, a single-vineyard #SauvignonBlanc which now completes the Short Story Collection.
Jackal’s Dance Sauvignon Blanc is the fifth wine in the estate’s Short Story Collection; a portfolio of premium releases that pay tribute to the rich history of Neethlingshof.

In the glass, Jackal’s Dance offers delicate aromas of green pepper, figs and ripe gooseberries, underpinned by a luscious palate of tropical notes and “a crisp minerality that will contribute to the longevity of this wine,” adds De Wet Viljoen, cellar master of Neethlingshof. “The 2017 vintage is quite shy at first, so I’d recommend that the wine breathes for an hour or so before pouring.”

“It’s a wine that will pair beautifully with both fish and oysters; anything with a bit of fattiness to it,” explains Viljoen. “It’s a perfect summer wine, ideal for enjoying at this hot time of year.”
And as you raise a glass, take a moment to consider the centuries of history that came before this brand-new addition to the portfolio.

When the land was first settled in 1692, farmer Willem Barend Lubbe mistakenly identified a pack of indigenous jackals for the wolves of his homeland, and named the property De Wolvendans. It’s a name that would stand for more than a century, and it was only when Johannes Henoch Neethling bought the property from his mother-in-law in the late-1820s that the farm’s name was changed to Neethlingshof.
While Jackal’s Dance pays tribute to those early years, centuries later the shy Cape Fox is still to be found roaming the farm.

The Short Story Collection was born with The Owl Post Pinotage. The Owl Post Pinotage is named for the dozens of owl posts that have been erected across the farm to encourage these nocturnal predators into the vineyards: a sustainable and eco-friendly means of controlling pests on the estates.
One of the farm’s conservation successes has been the return of Caracal to the property. This elusive cat is celebrated in The Caracal, a classic Bordeaux-style red-blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot.

When young matriarch Maria Magdalena Marais put the finishing touches to the iconic Manor House in 1814, she made sure her family would certainly not be forgotten. She ordered six ornate flowers to adorn the gable above the front door: one for herself, and one for each of her five daughters. Drawn from carefully selected vineyard blocks, the six flowers on the gable are mirrored in the six varieties Viljoen uses to craft The Six Flowers white blend.
Fittingly, the last wine in the Collection honours the woman who started it all. The Maria is a Noble Late Harvest made from Weisser Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Marrying a fragrant bouquet of dried apricots and peaches with a balanced palate of fruitcake, honey and marmalade, it’s a fine tribute to the woman who first shaped the Neethlingshof estate.

These wines are available from the tasting room at the following rates: The Jackal’s Dance 2017: R100.00 / The Six Flowers 2017: R130.00 / The Caracal 2015: R220.00 / The Owl Post Pinotage 2016: R220 / The Maria Noble Late Harvest 2016: R195.00

The Neethlinghoff estate is home to many intricate tales and their signature range, The Short Story Collection, shares these moments, people and experiences to reveal the rich and flavourful character of the Neethlingshof wines.

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