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Mezepoli Restaurants

Dining out or ordering in, keep it fresh and light with Mezepoli Restaurants.

As any fitness fundi will tell you, dining out or ordering in can scupper your healthy eating plan. Fortunately, a delicious meal and a break from the kitchen are still very much on the table with Mezepoli.

The range of freshly prepared salads, grilled seafood and sensational sushi make for the perfect meal options.

The bocconcini salad with its rosa tomatoes, fresh basil, cherry mozzarella and olive oil is summer on a plate. The rocket and spinach salad pack your greens in with luscious sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, goats cheese and a mustard balsamic vinaigrette. 

Give red meat a break

“If you are giving red meat a break, you cannot go wrong with the fresh seared salmon on a bed of rocket or the line fish. It is steamed to perfection in a foil parcel with Mediterranean vegetables, olive oil and lemon,” says Mun Manal, Operations Manager at Mezepoli Restaurants.

Manal adds that their sushi is always a firm favourite and makes for an ideal meal to take home or back to one’s desk. 

Prestige Digital | Mezepoli Restaurants

Mezepoli call-and-collect service

Indeed, anyone preferring to enjoy their restaurant meal in the comfort of their own home is able to order from the restaurant’s full food menu via the Mezepoli call-and-collect service.

Each store has its own dedicated Whatsapp line to make this as easy as possible for customers. Whatsapp Mezepoli Melrose Arch on 066 386 4053 and Nicolway on 082 719 4464.  “This is a wonderfully convenient option when you simply wish to dash in and out. Enquire with us as to which dishes will travel best from our kitchen to your home,” says Manal. Alternatively one can order via Uber Eats or Mr Delivery.

Prestige Digital | Mezepoli Restaurants

Whether it’s the government’s decision or your own to abstain from alcohol, Mezepoli patrons can enjoy delicious alcohol-free beverages. They are invited to ask their waiters about the range of virgin cocktails. They are full of fresh citrus, herbs and seasonal fruit to quench the thirst.

“While many of us are trying to put the indulgences of lockdown behind us, there is one thing we feel life is too short to do without, and that is dessert. Our beautiful Greek yoghurt or our honey and yoghurt gelato lean towards the lighter side of sweet treats. Still, we certainly won’t pass any judgement if you round off your meal with our moreish chocolate brownie!” concludes Manal. 

To book online at Mezepoli, visit or contact the restaurant telephonically.

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