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Krone Night Nectar Blanc De Blancs 2018

Krone Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs is a supreme expression of Chardonnay, night-harvested under the light of the stars and bottle-fermented in the cool of Krone Cap Classique’s underground cellar

Krone proudly presents the addition of Night Nectar Blanc De Blancs 2018 to their collection of Vintage-only Cap Classique. 2022 sees the release of a new, innovative Cap Classique, made exclusively from Chardonnay in the nectar style. Night Nectar Blanc De Blancs 2018 is a supreme expression of the purity of the Chardonnay grape. Crafted at Twee Jonge Gezellen, the site of much innovation in its 300-year history, the Night Nectar Blanc De Blancs is the first of its kind in South Africa. Made from night-harvested Chardonnay, this elegant and long-lived Cap Classique will benefit from both maturation in bottle and enjoyment now. With up to 36 months of bottle maturation this Blanc de Blanc embodies the spirit of Krone and will develop further in complexity as it ages.

Bold yet soft

Krone pouring

Bold, yet soft tasting notes of stony pale lemon, and an aromatic intensity of baked yellow apples, orange zest, dessert peaches and also cinnamon, intermingle with the spice of alpine herbs, sage and white blossom. The complex bouquet shows swirls of dulce de leche and also salty sea-spray, with touches of autumn leaf. The palate has a gossamer-light creamy mousse and rounded mouthfeel, which envelops a core of pure, peachy fruit. A characteristic of the 2018 growing season, the bright, linear acidity is also in balance with the subtle, elegant richness, allowing this fine Vintage-only Cap Classique to linger on the palate with a citrusy, nutty finish.

In crafting the Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs, Chardonnay is hand-harvested under the light of the stars. We use only the free-run juice: ± the first 500 litres per ton. Krone Night Nectar Blanc De Blancs 2018 is naturally fermented in foudres and then crafted using a classic bottle-fermented style. It matures on the lees for up to 36 months in the cool of the Krone underground cellar. After which the final dosage is added, to be in perfect balance with the natural acidity of the Cap Classique. This provides an elegant touch of richness. Bold, vivacious and one of a kind  –  bring on the night.

Face and ambassador of Krone Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs

Night Nectar Blanc de Blancs 2018 is available from the Krone Cap Classique website at

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