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Hennessy and African Ginger Refurbish Historic Oppenheimer Court

Hennessy has collaborated with renowned local visual artist Seth Pimentel, also known as African Ginger, to breathe new life into the Ernest Oppenheimer Park basketball court, located at the center of Johannesburg’s inner city. As a cultural link for hip-hop fanatics, this historic half-court attracts enthusiasts from across the city to engage in cyphers and basketball games. The park’s deep-rooted cultural significance and influence on the hip-hop culture resonate as a hub for creativity and expression within this dynamic community. The latest ‘In the Paint’ initiative aims to give back to the community through a meaningful court refurbishment.

This marks the latest iteration of “In the Paint”, a unique artistic initiative that brings the brand’s Never Stop Never Settle spirit to local communities through basketball and art in the celebration of Hennessy’s collaboration with the National Basketball Association (NBA). The initiative, which renovates local community basketball courts around the world, follows last year’s revamp of the iconic Johannesburg’s Zoo Lake court by renowned Zimbabwean-born Sindiso Nyoni, a first for Africa.

Hennessy and African Ginger

The cognac brand has once again brought art and basketball together in Johannesburg’s CBD to create a vibrant platform for the inner-city community to celebrate their love for the thriving urban sports phenomena of 3v3 basketball, a culture that lives on and off the court.   

Lungile Mpharu, Hennessy Brand Manager, says this latest ‘In the Paint’ collaboration demonstrates Hennessy’s decade-long tradition of meaningful artistic partnerships, deeply ingrained in the brand’s ethos. “Building on the five collaborative ‘In the Paint’ initiatives across Africa and over 10 court revamps globally, we now want to nurture the Ernest Oppenheimer community court’s history and cultural significance through this refurbishment with African Ginger’s captivating design.”

Seth Pimentel grew up in Johannesburg, making this an extremely personal project. His design reflects the CBD’s diversity and deep-rooted history, sharing the community’s story with the world. His characteristic neo-expressionist style further captures the energy and emotion that comes with playing the game, with the soft and vibrant line expressionism signifying that the “Game Never Stops” within the four corners of the court.

Seth adds, “This collaboration with Hennessy has allowed me to share untold stories through art. It showcases the spirit of our people and is a tribute to the past while serving as a beacon of hope for the future.”

Mpharu concludes, “In the Paint’ celebrates Hennessy’s marketing partnership with the NBA, allowing us to make meaningful contributions to those passionate about the game. That’s why we’re excited to continue this commitment in South Africa. It has an incredible way to give back and foster the urban culture that Hennessy is so proud to be part of.”

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