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Crafting Cool: Gourmet Ice Reimagines the Humble Cube

Forget the cloudy, flavour-diluting ice cubes of yesteryear. South Africa’s innovative Gourmet Ice & Co. is elevating the art of the cocktail with its meticulously crafted, crystal-clear ice. This young company, led by the visionary 23-year-old Keagile, is not just making ice—it’s crafting an experience.

Gourmet Ice’s dedication to quality is evident in its slow-freezing process, which uses only locally sourced, purified water. This results in denser, slower-melting cubes that preserve the delicate flavour profile of your favourite tipple, whether it’s a single malt scotch or a refreshing gin and tonic.

But where Gourmet Ice truly shines is in its innovation. Ditch the standard cube! They offer a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance your drinking experience. Picture perfectly spherical ice balls for your old fashioned, or playful geometric shapes for a touch of whimsy in your cocktail.

But the innovation goes beyond aesthetics. Gourmet Ice also offers a range of infused ice cubes, where the slow-freezing process captures the essence of fresh fruits, herbs, or even spices. Imagine a hint of lavender in your gin and tonic, or a burst of citrus in your sparkling water, all thanks to the subtle infusion within the ice itself.

Keagile’s entrepreneurial journey is as inspiring as his ice. Gourmet Ice is a true family affair, with his two younger brothers and his mother all playing vital roles in the company’s success. His unwavering passion and relentless pursuit of perfection, honed through previous ventures like car washes and stationery supplies, have culminated in this innovative concept.

Luckybird and Gourmet Ice

This innovative spirit perfectly complements Luckybird, the award-winning brand behind time-saving cocktail mixers. This is obviously a match made in mixology heaven. Gourmet Ice’s ice cubes seamlessly complement Luckybird’s premium mixers. Together, they elevate the art of the home cocktail, allowing you to create extraordinary drinks quickly and easily. It is no wonder, then, that Luckybird has started the “Quixology” movement: the art and science of preparing quality cocktails efficiently and effortlessly.

Keagile’s recent win at Luckybird’s “Quick Hack” competition is also a testament to his dedication. The R150,000 prize money will be instrumental in scaling Gourmet Ice, and the mentorship offered by Dave, CEO of Luckybird, will prove invaluable. This win marks the birth of a South African entrepreneurial success story; one built on creativity, family, and a passion for elevating the everyday cocktail.

“Keagile’s dedication to perfection with Gourmet Ice is truly inspiring. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to crafting exceptional products align seamlessly with our values at Luckybird Drinks. We’re thrilled to see him soar and can’t wait to witness the continued success of Gourmet Ice.”

Dave, CEO of Luckybird Drinks.

Looking to elevate your home bar experience?

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or planning a lavish soirée, Gourmet Ice adds a touch of sophistication and artistry to your event. It’s a conversation starter, a luxurious detail that elevates the everyday, and a testament to South Africa’s growing innovative spirit. So, the next time you reach for the ice tray, remember: there’s a whole new world of chilling possibilities.

Visit to learn more about Luckybird mixers and follow Gourmet Ice’s exciting journey on Instagram and Facebook (@luckybird.drinks & @gourmetice_co). With Gourmet Ice, crafting exceptional cocktails is no longer a chore – it’s an art form waiting to be explored.

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