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Buying into single casks with Bottega Whiskey Club

Whiskey lovers the globe over dream of the opportunity to buy into single casks from the world’s most lauded distilleries and finally, South African aficionados will get the chance!

Saverio Cardillo’s love for whiskey was first realised when a supplier gifted him his first bottle of single malt almost a decade ago. The amber liquid of that first bottle was the catalyst it took to establish one of South Africa’s best-known whiskey clubs, and the first to begin importing single cask whiskey into the country.

The Bottega Whiskey Club, started around three years ago and based at Cardillo’s Italian eatery in Parkhurst, offers its members access to a massive array of whiskey. From new releases to limited editions, customers have more options than can be imagined. With access to purchase even the much sought after Whiskey Illuminati Series, a strictly limited release that encompasses rare casks from iconic distilleries in Scotland.

“We’re really excited that Bottega Whiskey Club is set to become a single cask distributor in South Africa. Members of the Whiskey Illuminati will be selecting these single casks, and the Bottega Whiskey Club members will have an opportunity to taste these selections and then buy into a percentage of the cask to be bottled when the whiskey is at its best.”

Hosting events on a monthly basis, the Bottega Whiskey Club also offers a social community that appreciates fine whiskies and food, allowing members to sample a selection of whiskies while learning more about the distilleries they come from, and the processes from which they have yielded. This experience is coupled with a three-course meal.

“I have always wanted to have a place where customers could walk in and not feel intimidated. We have whiskies that range from R18 up to R500 a tot and we wanted to create an enjoyable and educational experience for people,” explains Cardillo.

Whiskey fans can arrange private tastings with Cardillo, or can ask for recommendations to match their meal at Bottega in Parkhurst. Joining the Bottega Whiskey Club can be done through their website, no membership fees apply.

Written by Kate Els
Image credit: Kate Els

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