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Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream is a distinct fragrance crafted around a singular nuance: yellow. “Born in Roma is a dream that never dies.” Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream

In Roma, daylight hits the streets. The sun advances across the cityscape. Memories of the night become another new beginning. Imaginations of our past inspire dreams of tomorrow. Bathed in yellow light, the eternal city stirs.

Yellow as a state of dream

Day reaches the Palazzo gardens. The steadfast gaze of Adut Akech and Anwar Hadid speaks the power of their dreams. Adut Akech in Valentino Haute Couture worn last night or tonight?  Immersed in the energy of this city, their Roma story is eternal. 

In order to translate the powerful optimism of yellow in scent, Valentino Beauty invited two pairs of perfumers to create distinct olfactory stories around a singular and most unexpected note. This note, however, simultaneously has the power to feel reassuring and comforting in this uncertain world.

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream

Celebrating the joie de vivre of the Valentino woman

In a lively awakening of the senses, the electrifying citrus notes bloom in both fragrances.

Celebrating the joie de vivre of the Valentino woman, Italian bergamot and primofiore lemon embrace a floral heart with green accents. Like the Roman sun, white musk, Madagascan vanilla absolute as well as Virginia cedarwood leave a warm and comforting trail. ​

Intrigue for the Valentino man

On the other hand, Italian mandarin, Mexican lime and energetic pineapple accord infuse the masculine scent with colourful freshness. Spicy nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom heighten the herbaceous heart as Madagascan vanilla and Virginia cedarwood give way to an addictive aura of intense intrigue.

Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream

Born in Roma Yellow Dream Bottles

Inspired by the patterns carved into the ashlar of Italian palazzos and originally created for leather goods, the rockstud has become one of the Maison’s most iconic codes. Of course, we have seen it adorning the seams of a bag, a shirt lapel or a buckle of a sandal. The instantly recognized rockstud brings a punk, modern edge to Valentino’s designs.

Now these iconic rockstuds also lend their pyramidal modernity to the rounded bottles of Donna and Uomo. Finally, the Valentino signature in yellow fluo pops against black for the label. Projecting the invigorating yellow light of the scents themselves, these glass prisms stand as a beacon of optimism and renewal.

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