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Skin Renewal

Skin Renewal is committed to putting South African aesthetics on the global map

With the opening of its 19th clinic in Rosebank, the Skin Renewal Group continues to raise the bar for the South African aesthetics industry, staying abreast of global trends – from techniques and innovation to products and treatments. The result is a proudly South African, world-class leader in aesthetics that more than holds its own on a global stage, matching an unwavering commitment to aesthetic excellence with a genuine passion for transforming the lives of the 10,000 patients who walk through the doors every month.

Over the past 18 years, the Skin Renewal Group has worked with and transformed the skin (and health, holistically) of 250,000 patients – ranging from 18 to 92 years old. When it comes to understanding, explaining and talking skincare, you will struggle to find better-positioned thought leaders in the field than Skin Renewal’s highly skilled and ever-learning co-founders, Dr. Maureen Allem and Victor Snyders.

As knowledgeable and experienced as they are warm and approachable, Victor and Dr Maureen – along with the greater Skin Renewal team – pride themselves on educating their patients and the public; not just on what they do, but why they do it.

A holistic approach, from the in-clinic experience to online engagement.

In keeping with the theme of prioritising education and life-long learning, Dr. Maureen and Victor lead by example, not just embracing aesthetic trends and best practices but engaging with digital trends and social media best practices, too, which, or course, makes them

Speaking of unexpected skill sets within the aesthetics and anti-ageing arena, Victor brings another aspect of ‘The Skin Renewal Difference’ to the table; his contribution to the aesthetics of every clinic as a qualified and accomplished architect. His partner, Dr Maureen, is also a published interior designer. Their joint expertise ensures that each Skin Renewal clinic reflects the foundation of aesthetic excellence, from the treatments offered to the dramatic staircases, indoor waterfalls and exquisite chandeliers.

“The brand-new Rosebank clinic features a multi-tiered gold dome, while our Fourways clinic, currently mid-refurbishment, will have our first double-sided waterfall. Each of our clinics is an oasis of sorts, a serene space for our patients to recharge, rest and reflect. Our visual language of white and gold, from branding to décor, creates a calming atmosphere, as chic as it is welcoming.”

notes Victor

Where local investment meets world-class vision at Skin Renewal.

Both Victor and Dr Maureen, along with the broader team of 214 staff – including 46 medically trained therapists, 27 medical doctors and four nurses – remain invested in the continued organic growth of the Skin Renewal Group. They are equally as invested in South Africa; the place and its people, from making sustainable best practices a priority, to making a difference through group-wide, ongoing CSI initiatives.

“We have a sincere, heartfelt drive to give back to the communities in and around the areas we operate in. Our many CSI projects and close work with Khulisa. Streetscapes, Komani and Souper Troopers, to name just a few, are a reflection of the fact that paying it forward is woven into our DNA as individuals and a business.”

says Dr Maureen
Prestige Digital | Skin Renewal is committed to putting South African aesthetics on the global map

Just like they welcome the opportunity to transform lives every day, Victor, Dr. Maureen and the Skin Renewal team welcome opportunities to transform the way the world sees South African medical aesthetics, which, at present, isn’t given the recognition in the international arena that it truly deserves.

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