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Koco Bino Style

Koco Bino Baby Boutique Sandton City

Koco Bino Sandton has been a firm fixture in Sandton City Mall for over four decades. Sandton City Mall is, without a doubt, the most iconic shopping centre in South Africa. Since September 1973, this mall has housed some of the most exclusive brands and boutiques. It continues to attract the custom of local and international shoppers with a taste for the finer things in life. It is no wonder that it has been the home of Koco Bino Baby Boutique for so long.

Koco Bino’s 43 Year Success

Considering that Koco Bino opened its doors back in 1978, their success story is an impressive 43 years old. Throughout the years the look and essence of the original boutique remained intact, with truly authentic styles and designs.

Koco Bino Kids

Despite having aligned themselves with the latest trends, they have never neglected the classics.

Over the years, Koco Bino has increased its offering to include a wider range of sizes and styles. They ensure that they work only with quality, high-end brands. Most remarkably, they also created and brought forth their very own exclusive brand, Koco Bino for Kids.

Koco Bino Sandton

This unique label is designed and manufactured in South Africa. The range is only available in the Sandton retail store or through their online store.

In April 2021, this distinctive store underwent a full makeover, reopening its doors in a bigger space within Sandton City Mall.

Of course, this marked the beginning of a brand-new chapter for the brand, allowing it to continue with its precious legacy.

Koco Bino Sandton City

Next time you are in Sandton City, do yourself a favour and pass by their store (Shop U86 – Level 6). As you arrive at your destination, you are confronted by the most exquisite store windows. Frequently redone, the shop-front is the ultimate expression of retail art.

Koco Bino Babies

They masterfully combine day-to-day elements with gorgeous clothing, shoes, accessories, and everything one could need when welcoming a new baby.

Koco Bino’s French Style Store

From the store windows, you are led into the elegant French-style store filled with the most beautiful garments for babies as well as kids. They offer sizes for newborn babies up to the age of 9/10 years. This gem within Sandton City will undoubtedly transport you into a boutique as exquisite as you would only expect to find on a walk along the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Koco Bino French

Koco Bino designs and manufactures locally

Koco Bino designs and manufactures its full range of stylish clothes locally. Their brand offers a comprehensive collection of gorgeous high-quality outfits with a European flair. This explains why they have become one of the most sought-after fashion brands for babies and kids in South Africa.

Koco Bino Boutique

Customers obviously trust the quality of their garments and love their European-style designs.

Koco Bino is a one-stop shop

Koco Bino is the one-stop shop for all parents looking to clothe their children in beautiful, stylish garments all year long. Enter the Koco Bino world and be blown away by the beauty of the store, the style and quality of their outfits and the incredible customer service of a team that is passionate and love what they do.

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