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Trenery Luxury Linen

Four timeless luxury linen pieces

Luxury linen is a high-quality and hugely popular summer fabric. The beauty of linen is that it transitions seamlessly between formal and laid-back summer dressing. As a matter of fact, it provides the freedom and versatility we all crave from fashion.  It is also the world’s strongest natural fibre and more durable than cotton. Linen turns seasonal pieces into a wardrobe of timeless staples that never go out of style.

According to Creative Director, Stylist and Founder of Studio Degens, Antoinette Degens, French linen is known to be amongst the finest linen in the world. “As one of the oldest and durable fibres, French linen is soft, breathable and absorbs humidity, perfect for warmer days.”

She continues, “Trenery’s Spring Collection offers a wide variety of timeless pieces that will no doubt become wardrobe staples. From linen jersey t-shirts and classic button-down shirts to lightweight knits, linen is a mainstay in the Trenery range.”

Designed with luxury as well as modern simplicity in mind, Trenery creates enduring, clean, and classic pieces that fit a more relaxed sense of style. Founded in 2009 by the team behind Country Road, the brand believes that beauty lies in simplicity. Subtle details, soft colour palettes and fabrication enhance flattering cuts.

Made from the fibres of the flax plant, the majority of the brand’s pure linen yarns come from the Normandy region of France. This region’s dry, sunny conditions are ideal for harvesting and cultivation. They leave the flax stalks in the field for several weeks to allow them to dry. Of course, this process enhances the beauty of the linen fibre. The fibres are then carefully combed so only the longest and finest fibres are harvested and spun into luxury linen. 

Subtle summer styling and chic silhouettes

The Trenery Summer Collection features a range of exceptional linen pieces for a fabulous summer wardrobe that is as versatile as it is stylish. 

Prestige Digital | Four timeless luxury linen pieces

Antoinette praises the collection’s magenta French linen set as her absolute favourite as it provides an update on colour and silhouette. She says, “The magenta pink set speaks to introducing colour in linen. The beauty of these pieces is that they can be worn together or separately. Tucking in the shirt emphasises a smaller waist while giving a jumpsuit-like effect. Alternatively, wear it out for a more relaxed fit. Pair the pants with a tee and the uber-stylish Lake Grey Blazer for a more relaxed and effortless look for spring dressing.”

Prestige Digital | Four timeless luxury linen pieces

The Lake Grey Boho Blouse and Lake Grey Trouser is also a perfect, easy addition to any wardrobe. It suits all skin tones too. Antoinette adds, “A crisp white tee under a tailored jacket keeps this suit fresh and elegant while the boho blouse takes it to a more casual level. Either way, this is summer suiting at its best.”

Prestige Digital | Four timeless luxury linen pieces

“Linen pieces can be elegant and timeless. For example, the Night Sky Ikat Blouse, when paired with a casual drawstring pant, offers a more relaxed yet chic silhouette. Then again, pairing it with a luxe linen blazer adds a more office-friendly twist to a laid-back summer style.”

Prestige Digital | Four timeless luxury linen pieces

Luxury linen pieces made with love

The effortless quality of luxury linen, along with its lighter footprint on the environment, makes it a forever fabric to invest in. And this Trenery collection has it all. “Their clothes are made with love. They also encourage you to take care of the clothing with minimal impact on the environment,” adds Antoinette. “As such, we suggest washing clothes at 30°C or less – it’s better for your garments and the environment. Keep dry cleaning to a minimum and hand wash instead. Tumble drying is unnecessary and energy-wasting – line drying is much gentler on clothes, and at times air drying alone may be enough to refresh a garment and remove odours.”

Antoinette points out that an enduring wardrobe stems from the principles of quality, versatility and timelessness. “At Trenery, expect clothes and accessories in cohesive colour palettes that offer a multitude of styling options. The brand stays strong in its philosophy that a garment should be an investment; a considered addition rather than an impulse. Select premium cloths and yarns as you can wear these items for many seasons to come,” she concludes.

Find these fine French linen pieces and so much more at selected Woolworths stores or online at

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