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Experience the best of Budapest with Omorovicza

The restorative properties of Hungary’s underground thermal waters have long been lauded as one of the best reason’s the visit this eastern European country, and in particular it’s capital Budapest. While it would be ideal to spend hours lolling about in the pristine pools of Budapest’s thermal bath houses, it’s just not a reality in our busy lives.

Enter Omorovicza, an exclusive and almost magical range of facial and body products that capture the essence of Hungary’s mineral-rich waters within their bottles. A long time in the making, the Omorovicza family began their history within wellness as far back as the 1800s when they commissioned one of Hungary’s well renowned architects, Miklos Ybl, to build the Racz Spa in Budapest on the site of a hot spring. This soa still exists today.

Fast track to 2006, almost two centuries later, and Omorovicza’s range of cosmetics is launched, coinciding with the launch of their first store in Budapest. The complete range is based on a solid understanding of the patented healing concentrate of the brand, formulated to replicate how the rich minerals of the famous thermal waters absorbs into the deeper layers of the skin, leaving it nourished and renewed.

While the complete Omorovicza range consists of over 50 products in total, there are firm favourites amongst the elite clientele that the brand caters to. The Blue Diamond and Gold Collections are certainly the most popular of these.

The Gold Collection in particular is a set of products formulated to brighten and strengthen skin, and has the indulgent addition of colloidal gold which “promotes a radiant and youthful appearance”.

Omorovicza is now available throughout the world and can be found in some of the most exclusive Spas and boutique hotels. In South Africa, their range is available at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. Bringing the best of Budapest right to our doorstep.

Written by Kate Els

Photos: Supplied by Omorovicza Cosmetics

Featured Image: Shutterstock

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